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SQL Level 1 and SQL level 2 are the most popular group SQL workshops that we offer. The tools used to access and extract data continue to evolve. For professionals tasked with designing business reports, proficiency in the use of the tools used to implement those reports is crucial. Taking an SQL course will enable users to become power users by becoming self-sufficient in accessing the data that they need. Improve your MySQL skills with one of our administration or development courses. See the SQL Course Content sheets for class information.

Class dates are flexible

We work with our clients to coordinate class times, so many of the dates listed on our site target dates.   Contact one of our education consultants to inquire about a specific class and we can arrange dates that are convenient for you. Our Training Center serves the Columbus Ohio area and is conveniently located in Dublin, Ohio (map).  We also have instructors available to facilitate a training session at your office. Students are encouraged to bring issues from existing projects to collaborate with the instructors to identify solutions
"I have heard nothing but how great and wonderful
your trainer was...my staff went on to
recommend your trainer for any future
training that I need"
-Manager from State of Ohio

Course Content  Schedule
Data Modeling: Logical Database Design Schedule Icon
MySQL Administration Schedule Icon
MySQL Administration and Development Schedule Icon
MySQL Development Schedule Icon
SQ1000: SQL Cross Platform SQL Essentials Schedule Icon
SQ1010: SQL Cross Platform SQL - Dealing with Complex Queries Schedule Icon
SQL Level 1 for Windows Schedule Icon
SQL Level 2 for Windows Schedule Icon