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The CBP Professional™ certificate validates the business professional by providing industry-neutral foundation business skills. The skills acquired from the CBP Professional™ are required and used as a measure of competency by major institutions and organizations.

The CBP candidate may take one of the following CBP Exams to achieve the CBP Professional™ certification:


   Exam Code

    CBP™ Leadership

    CBP C10-506

    CBP™ Customer Service

    CBP C20-507

    CBP™ Sales

    CBP C30-508

    CBP™ Business Etiquette

    CBP C40-509

    CBP™ Business Communication

    CBP C50-510

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The CBP Executive™ credential is for business professionals who wish to demonstrate executive expertise in all five (5) CBP™ Professional areas of Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, Business Etiquette and Business Communication. The CBP Executive™ is a business executive who has developed a wide cross section of business skills and can also integrate into a variety of positions within corporations. Candidates are required to pass all five of the Certified Business Professional exams to be accredited with the CBP Executive™ designation.