From Our Clients

Why we are among the best training centers in the US? Check out what our clients are saying about us...  don't just take our word for it!


From Dan:  I just finished a 2-day course (Crystal Reports) taught by Chuck Corder, and wanted to tell you that he is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.  He was extremely thorough with every detail of the material, and made it very easy to ask for help.  Even when it was obvious that I screwed up an exercise, he diffused any frustration I may have had.  He managed to keep everyone entertained and engaged through 2 days worth of programming material.  Chuck’s the best!


From Rod: Thank you for working with us to get our Business Analysis development level set courses accomplished. You and your staff were not only accommodating but friendly and professional as well. Any needs we had were quickly and pleasantly addressed. Bottom line, this was a very good experience for us.


From Cassie: "My coworkers and I spent many days at The Computer Workshop (TCW) receiving training from IBM for a reporting tool we are implementing at the company.  We spent between 12 to 18 days at TCW receiving the training including classes with both instructor-led online and in-class instruction. The team at TCW were all very friendly and accommodating.  After all the time we spent there, we began to feel at home.

Each day was great and the kitchen was incredibly convenient.  On days when we were running late, it was nice to know that a continental breakfast was waiting in the kitchen for us.  Additionally, the afternoon snack of popcorn and, occasionally, baked goods were such a treat!  After long training days, it was nice to have the snack to look forward to during our afternoon breaks.

TCW was very accommodating for our ever-changing and last minute training needs.  We had a few instructor-led online and although the instructor was not onsite, TCW allowed my team to use the facility for those courses.  For the most part, it was an easy transition to log into their computers to have all the relevant components needed for the online course.  The TCW team worked hard to ensure their facilities were convenient for such a unique training setting and were able to print our course materials for our use.  Additionally, the trainings were often requested at the last minute giving them little time to prepare for the trainings. However, despite the last minute nature, they were able to accommodate quickly and without issues.

Overall, our experience at TCW was very positive.  We'd be happy to have the opportunity to return for future training needs."



From Beth: "My experience at The Computer Workshop (TCW) was extraordinary.  Thelma Tippie is a great leader and mentor.  She always made time to talk with me, encouraged me, and gently pushed me to challenge myself.   I had the pleasure of being a student with many of the instructors at TCW, and every one of them is knowledgeable and caring about every student learning the coursework.  Questions were always encouraged and examples-several if necessary, were always given.  As students we were encouraged to e-mail or call with questions we had even after the class was over.  I LOVE the free retake policy.  I found when there are many classes to be taken in a very short period of time, that could be overwhelming.  It is difficult to absorb everything in that short timeframe, especially when you are not applying the knowledge on a regular basis.  The free retake policy allows you to refresh yourself when these skills are needed.  Also, because you are now familiar with the material, the coursework sort of gels and is much easier to understand.  The Computer Workshop is a great place to learn, grow and expand your computer knowledge.  I am in the process of building my Virtual Assistance business and have come a long way.  I am much more confident in my skills and abilities because of TCW, this program and its generosity.  Thank you again, for everything."


From Jannine: Jannine took Excel Level 1 with Brian, couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful he was as her Instructor … sang his praises for at least 5 full minutes! She gave our Catalog DVD to her Supervisor and is really talking up our company to her co-workers. She wanted us to know how much she loves The Computer Workshop!

Linda writes, "The best thing about the Workshop was the Instructor's personality! The class was fun and I wanted to learn everything there was to learn about this subject!"

Kelli says: "I really enjoyed my class, learned a lot, and wouldn't change a thing!"

One student wrote: "Thank you so much for this opportunity to update my computer skills.  The people within your organization, within all the departments that I was involved in, were always professional and great to work with."

ITIL Foundations student wrote: "This was a wonderful experience.  Our instructor was absolutely fabulous and so were all the other staff members!!"

Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client student wrote: "The instructor Johnna was amazing!  She knew her product very well and made the whole class very enjoyable!"

CompTIA: Project+ Certification student wrote: "Thank you to Thelma for making this opportunity happen!  I'm looking forward to other classes in the future and Suzanne did an awesome job instructing the class!!"

A student in our Troubleshooting and Supporting Windows 7 in the Enterprise class wrote: "The instructor was effective and made the class a fun experience!  She answered all the questions knowledgeably and I will definitely come back for another class!!"

An Acrobat 6.0 student stated: "Brian was very helpful to everyone in helping them feel comfortable and want to learn!!"

An Access Level 3 student wrote: "The instructor was very enthusiastic!  He knew his material very well and was very easy to work with in the class.  He kept things lively!  Thank you!!"