About Our Instructors



Meet Our Instructors 

As Vice President of Education, David Williams leads our team of instructors. 
With over 15 years of experience in the computer industry, he knows what it
takes to make a successful learning experience for our clients.  He started
at age 15 installing software and setting up the classrooms in the evenings -
of course, things have gotten much easier in that area, but the foundation he
received during those early years has been invaluable.

He has also worked in our sales department and started up our Cleveland Location. This experience gives him the insight of what our clients are wanting out of their training experience. A true solution provider.

He has been instrumental in selecting quality curriculum and is currently authoring several of courses.

He is responsible for selecting and training both our full-time instructors and contractors. His team ensures that our classrooms are set up for the many diverse classes we offer.  He searches the entire United States to find the best instructors for our classes, making sure they meet the requirements for each course taught.

He is also responsible for maintaining our class schedule, both our location and classes held at client locations - this is no small task as new classes are continually being added.  As clients request training in the new software available in the marketplace, David will locate a qualified instructor and resources to add these classes to our ever-growing schedule.

He also sits on the Board of Directors and is an integral part of any high-level decisions made by the Management team of The Computer Workshop.

Team Includes:

Brian - Graphics and Web Consultant


Chad - Project Management, ITIL, Business Analysis, Programming and Business Applications Instructor and Mentor

John - Database, Web Design, IT instructor and consultant
Richard - IT Consultant and Special Projects
Suzanne - Business Applications, Web Design, Professional Development, and Graphics Instructor


Alan - Advanced IT Instructor and Consultant

Mark - AutoCad

Marissa - Microsoft Office

Sarah - Web Design Instructor and Consultant

Charles - Web Scripting, Database, Advanced Office Instructor and Consultant
Hakeem - Java and Microsoft Programming Instructor

"Open Positions" - Technical and Programming Instructors