The Benefits of Training


Just a few of the benefits of training your employees!

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees. This has an added benefit of making your company more attractive to prospective employees.

  • More motivated workers, which in turn tends to increase productivity and spur profits.

  • More effective and efficient use of workers' time as a result of higher skill levels, combined with a better understanding of the job function.

  • Employees who know they are competent, and therefore feel more confident. Self assured, well-trained employees are important in the debt collection function.

  • An increase from employees in the number of ideas, recommendations and suggestions for improving performance, or processes and procedures.

  • Lower overall employee turnover, and less absenteeism.

  • Investing in employee training enhances the company image as:
    • a good place to work

    • a company that offers its employees the opportunity to grow and meet their individual goals and aspirations

    • a company that values employees

    • a company that nurtures its employees

  • Creating a pool of cross-trained employees can bridge gaps when someone unexpectedly leaves the company - or if they accept a transfer or a promotion.

  • Doing so tends to create more efficient employees that require less supervision and who need less detailed instructions. This frees management's time for higher value added activities.

  • Employees that receive in houses training tend to be better equipped to adapt to changes and challenges facing the credit department in particular, and the company as a whole.