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Data Analytics Courses that refine your skills 

Comfortable with Excel and looking to further develop your skills? There are many options for next level courses, each varies, based on the individual's job function. We've outlined a path to help students navigate our intermediary and advanced data analytics courses.


Upcoming Microsoft Excel Classes


Featured Workshops:

Solving Business Problems With Statistics

Announcing a new statistics class! In this 3 day course, you will learn how to use Excel to build statistical models that answer questions like:

What’s the relationship between a variable and an outcome?

What’s coming next? Are we going up or down and by how much?

Why are we going up or down?


Pivot Tables

Learn to use the advanced features of PivotTables, such as

consolidating multiple workbooks

creating and using page fields

how to generate PivotTables using imported data from external data sources.

Storytelling with Data

For anyone who needs to communicate something to someone using data. Ideal course for

analysts sharing the results of their work

managers needing to communicate in a data-driven way

philanthropists proving their impact

leaders informing their board


Microsoft Access

A relational database application such as Microsoft Access can help you and your organization collect and manage large amounts of data. In this course, you will use Access to manage your data, including creating a new database; constructing tables; designing forms and reports; and creating queries to join, filter, and sort data.


Not certain which is the right class for you?

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