Why Choose TCW - July 2021

Why Choose The Computer Workshop
for Your Training Partner?


As one of our clients put it...  

 The Computer Workshop has been a breath of fresh air in a challenging contracting arena.  This is the type of company the federal government should be excited to partner with to accomplish our mission.  They have been exceedingly accommodating and have been acting as a valued team member on our mission since the inception of our contract.  I would encourage you to take a good, long look at this company when evaluating your professional training needs.”


That "breath of fresh air" could be caused by our excellent customer service.  Since the Pandemic started, we have heard many comments from clients that it is hard to find good customer service in today's business climate.  Many companies are short-staffed which contributes to the problem, but it doesn't excuse those who are working fro mdoing everything they can to make the customer the "main thing"!

I experienced this new "norm" myself when we were trying to get our internet and TC service set up... won't name the company, but I am sure many of you have had a situation where the customer service just wasn't where it needed to be.  Just today, a client shared that the reason they reached out to us was because their other provider would be days calling them back.  With many companies looking at their new work environments (P.C./Post COVID), it is time to evaluate what skills are going to be needed in this hybrid work environment.

Why choose The Computer Workshop?  We not only teach customer service and many other "Personal Development" skills (Soft-Skills), but we practice them - simply put, we are going to be there to help whenever you need us.  Are we perfect, absolutely not.  Will we work with you to implement effective training plans and resolve issues, absolutely!