Big Data

Tableau Makes Big Data Small

Tableau Software Helps Business people See and Understand Data

by Ryan Nokes, Lead Tableau Trainer (4, 2017)

It's likely you've heard the term "Big Data." Seems everyone is talking about it these days.
While the term can have a variety of definitions, a simple one is "Lots of Data, No Insight." Otherwise, we'd all be talking about "Actionable Data" or "Our Analytics Advantage." Tableau Software is a tool that helps make Big Data, small, and small data insightful and actionable. Their mission is to help people see and understand their data, and after 10 years of daily use of the tool, I'd say they are doing a phenomenal job. The industry, both third party research firms and clients, seems to agree. Gartner, the leading 3rd party authority on Business Intelligence software has placed Tableau in their "Magic Quadrant" for five years in a row...(click here for the full blog)