Charitable Contributions

Community Involvement from TCW

We love to give back! Below are organizations TCW and our team members donate to! We encourage you to visit their websites and learn more about them. If one really speaks to you, consider donating to their cause.
If you are in need of a space for your non-profit events or meetings, you can rent ours!  Call us for more details: 800.639.3535


Pickaway County WORKS

Kim McFarland, TCW's Accounting Manager, volunteers for 4 sessions of Pickaway County WORKS's Real Money Real Works program at local middle schools every Spring. This program helps 8th graders learn the financial difference between wants and needs then teaches them to plan out a real family budget.
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Raptor Hallow Sanctuary

Our Marketing Director, Becky Anzalone, has a soft spot for non-profits. Years ago, Becky saw a Facebook post from a friend promoting her friend's new non-profit; Becky commented to see if they needed any marketing help and the rest is history. She has been donating graphic design work for Raptor Hallow since its beginning! This organization is not only a sanctuary for raptors but other small animals native to Ohio. Becky enjoys providing pro-bono work to help this wonderful organization save more animals every year! 
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Cool Tech Girls

A few members of our team are currently helping this non-profit organization market and host its in-person events. As a women-owned company, TCW feels very strongly about educating and encouraging young girls about tech careers! We enjoy spending our time helping Cool Tech Girls grow to have a more national presence.
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EmpoWE-R Women of Information Security 2023 Mid-West 3rd Annual Gala

Our COO, Terri Williams Davy, could not attend this year's gala so she donated two tickets to help the fundraiser and support someone who may not be able to afford a ticket.
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Pickaway County Fair

The owner of TCW was born and raised in Pickaway County. Her children were active in 4H for many years and feel it is such a great program that we are proud to support and give back. TCW is present each year at the fair sale day and purchases 4H members' livestock projects to continue in keeping this family tradition.
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Living By Faith Ministries

We are a faith-based company! Terri Williams Davy, COO, and Kim McFarland, Accounting Manager, both attend this church regularly. Robert Henry who pastured this church for 26 years was also employed with TCW for 3 years. We enjoy donating our time to this church with any technical help needed and printing services.
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Pickaway County Special Olympics

Terri Williams Davy volunteered and enjoyed several weeks of being a weekly golf partner to Linda McFarland. Terri enjoyed helping Linda learn the basics of the game of golf while showing support for this organization.
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