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Working with Images in PowerPoint

By: Susan Hixon, Microsoft Trainer (9/2016)

​PowerPoint is wonderful for creating dynamic presentations to deliver data for training, meetings, annual reports and much more. In the past PowerPoint has been limited as to how much you can alter images but has several new features that are quite nice if your don't have access to professional photo correction software, or don't have time to wait on your graphics department to prepare images for you.  Images are a big part of PowerPoint but finding the pefect image is often a difficult task. Some new features that can help correct minor flaws are Contrast And Brightness. Sometimes Sharpening a picture can make the details pop a little better without making them look over blown. (click here for the full article)


Excel Blog

Using 3D Maps in Excel

by: Susan Hixon, Microsoft Trainer (1/2017) 

Excel is one of the most popular applications used for analysis of data on the market today. There are some features of Excel that have not changed much at all over the different versions and others that have grown by leaps and bounds. Excel 2016 has several new features that are fun to work with and also provide unique visualization of data that can be very useful in our ever-changing business world. Today we will look at the 3D Mapping feature that is part of Excel 2016.(click here for the full blog post)


Use tables and functions to clean up data

by: Susan Hixon, Microsoft Trainer (1/2017)

Excel is often the go to application when it comes to moving data from one form to another. Excel is an excellent method of managing and formatting data. Data can be cleaned up from data exports. It can be used to report or analyze data using tables, charts and pivottables to get to the very depths of the data and answer almost any question. Often when data is removed from it's native storage application there can be many problems with the data.(click here for the full blog post)