OCU Bachelor of Arts

OCU Bachelor of Arts Degrees


Business Management Concentration

A Bachelor of Business Management will help you become skilled in business, leadership and management. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Management focuses on equipping you for management roles in any organization.

Healthcare Management Concentration

Healthcare is the largest and one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Healthcare organizations need managers with skills, knowledge, and practical experience necessary to keep pace with industry trends.

Interdisciplinary Studies

A Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies will allow you to customize a degree plan that fits your personal and career goals. Students engage with experiences faculty to develop a broad educational experience with coursework from a variety of academic disciplines.

Leadership and Ministry

A Bachelor of Christian Ministry will provide you with the best ministry preparation in the Midwest with over 50 years experience in training some of today's foremost Christian leaders.

Logistics Management Concentration

A Bachelor in Logistics Management will help you become prepared for careers in purchasing and supplier management, manufacturing logistic, transportation management, inventory, distribution and warehouse management, information management as well as customer service management.

Organizational Leadership Concentration

The purpose of the Leadership Concentration is to produce graduates who are informed by a Christian vision of transforming leadership, skilled in the essential disciplines of effective leadership, knowledgeable of how organizations function, and prepared to effect positive change within and through these organizations.


Have you been considering helping other by earning you degree in Psychology? A degree in Psychology will help you conduct research and counseling with a Biblical perspective. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology will equip you with a foundational grasp on human behavior and mental processes. 

Substance Abuse Counseling

A Bachelor of Arts in Substance Abuse Counseling will allow you to work in addiction recovery services field. The Substance Abuse Counseling degree from Ohio Christian University's Adult Degree Program is designed to equip the person entering the addition recovery field with the 270 hours of chemical dependency education required for licensure in the State of Ohio.