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Troubleshooting Windows 10

What do I need to know to troubleshoot windows 10?  


by David Williams, The Computer Workshop. Director of Training (8/2016) 

That is a question I get a lot as an instructor and as the go to "tech guy" for friends and family.  The answer I give is for the most part is the stuff you already know about windows holds true, but there are some differences.  As far as what is the same, all of your old troubleshooting tools are there: ipconfig, regedit, control panel, and the command prompt.These tools function the same as they have in the past.  You just need to know where to find them.  Hint: click on the start button and start typing in the name of the tool you are looking for.  As for what has changed there is a lot The Edge browser, Universal Windows Apps, Cortana, work folders, one drive, one drive for business, work place join just to name a few. (click here for the full article)