About us

About The Computer Workshop


The Computer Workshop, Inc. delivers classroom instruction, tailored to advance the productivity of business and information technology professionals. We offer hands-on courses in IT and desktop application software. We offer instructor led methodology courses for employee development, leadership, project management and business analysis. Additional services include classroom rental and training plan development. Since 1988, The Computer Workshop has been advancing productivity in the workplace through continuing education programs. Focused on the dynamics of quality instruction, The Computer Workshop hosts courses in business application software, information technology, professional development and best practice methodologies. The Computer Workshop customizes curriculum and the delivery of instruction, based on the client's specific goals. With a breadth of over 1,000 courses, The Computer Workshop works with individual students to satisfy personal and professional goals related to a specific industry certification, assessment or college credit. A female owned and family run company, The Computer Workshop collaborates with small and mid-sized businesses to government agencies and fortune 500 companies for the common goal of advancing productivity by investing in employee development.. 


Value Statement

As a faith based corporation with a belief in putting our customers first, The Computer Workshop offers efficient employee development training. We are flexible in tailoring course content, duration, location, and delivery options to maximize your return on investment. Our team is passionate about your learning experience.


What we offer:

Quality Classroom Instruction

Our courses are taught with a focus on advancing productivity in the workplace. There are three primary categories of instruction.

Desktop Applications

Information Technology

Professional Development

We have the capability to deliver instruction in a format that most effectively meets the objective of the client. Typical learning modalities include:

On-site – learning occurs in a physical classroom. TCW has classrooms in Columbus, Cleveland and Atlanta, and access to nationwide classrooms via the Training Consortium

On-line – Student accesses class virtually, collaboration between instructor and other students is remote

Self-Paced – Material is made available to the student to learn at their own pace, collaboration with instructor and other students is not real-time

Outsourcing Services for Clients

We partner with our clients to help them achieve their employee development initiatives. The client sets their goals; we provide the services and tools to make them achievable: 

Curriculum Customization Classroom
Equipment Rental Consulting
Training Plan development


Achievement Services for Individuals

We provide industry recognized certification testing and or access to college credits or a degree for individuals with personal objectives for career advancement: 

Comprehensive Workshops 
Associates, Bachelors, Masters Degrees
Certification Testing 



The Computer Workshop, Inc. is a privately held company, independently owned and family operated- Founded in 1988, as an instructional workshop for computer users, The Computer Workshop has created long lasting relationships with many loyal customers, who have also contributed to its success. The family takes pride in the professionalism of their account managers and customer service staff and attributes the loyalty of its client base to the talent and expertise of their instructors. There are flexibility and accountability advantages when working with The Computer Workshop. Understanding that proficiency drives profitability we work in tandem with our clients to help them reach their employee development goals. Our corporate offices are located in Dublin, Ohio but now also have new regional campuses in Cleveland, Circleville, and Atlanta, Georgia.  TCW is a prime example of 'The American Dream'.  On April 1, 1988, Thelma Tippie opened a bank account with a mere $50.00.  You might ask, how can you start a business with $50.00?  You buy stationery, business cards, borrow an office with a phone, and use your own computer (a Macintosh) to lay out a business plan with a product you think is in demand, and start calling prospective clients!!!  Now that sounds simple, but it wasn't at all.  A lot of long hours and constant adjustments followed. 1990, T & M Computing was ready to incorporate as a Sub-Chapter S Corporation and became The Computer Workshop, Inc.Thelma was very fortunate in that her two daughters (Terri Williams Davy and Kim McFarland) and son (David Williams) all joined in the venture and have helped the company grow. Over the years, many employees have worked and continue to establish TCW. We have had the pleasure in creating long lasting relationship with many loyal customers, who have also contributed to our success as well.

Committment to Training


We believe that you need to practice what you are learning, so concepts are  explained and the students complete exercises pertaining to the concepts. Each class uses this model and each concept leads into the next so the flow of information is coherent and leads to a better understanding of the materials being covered. Because class sizes are kept small each client can receive personal attention and assistance as needed.

Each Student:

  • Uses a computer during a class
  • Has a student manual to use during the class
  • Access to after-class support, via Email and Telephone
  • Has access to course exercise files for after-class practice from our website (follow the Download Data Files link)


Individualized Attention

Since we keep class size small, instructors are able to quickly ascertain a clients' level of expertise and problem areas so as to offer more specific explanation and or assistance. Students can also retake a class if they find a need for further clarification. The can choose to sit in another class or come in for an Instructor assisted class. Instructor Assisted classes are self-paced classes where the students work from their books but an instructor is available  if they have questions.  We also offer supplementary telephone and email support to further guarantee that every client gets what they need from our classes.

Quality Control

TCW is always striving to be the best and your input is highly valued. To this end, quality checks are done on a regular basis. Management considers any and all suggestions made by our clients and instructors maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Course evaluations are given out at the end of each class to provide an opportunity for students to provide immediate feedback. Instructors are also required to complete a course evaluation after the class. Instructor evaluations cover issues such as equipment concerns, proper placement of clients, curriculum, flow of course materials, and any suggestions for course improvement. Evaluations are read and considered to help us maintain our high standards for your satisfaction.  

Continental Breakfast and Afternoon Snacks

A continental breakfast is included in the price of your class. We have coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cereals, bagels, snack bars, pop-tarts, fruit and many other choices. Start your day with a little 'brain food'!  Each afternoon you will smell the popcorn popping and you will know it is break time at TCW!