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Many of our courses can be tailored to meet your organization's specific needs. Whether customizing the curriculum or length of an enabling technology workshop, collaborating on a team-building workshop to address a particular business challenge, or defining and executing a strategic training initiative, we bring over 35 years of expertise to the table. 80% of our clients request customization. 93% return for subsequent classes. They ask, we deliver… that’s what we consider that to be a successful partnership.

Advancing Careers With Technology Training

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Our extensive list of courses will improve your productivity, help you transition to a new role, or make you more effective in your use of emerging technology tools. We’ll maximize your training opportunity aligning our workshops with your employee benefits program. How do you know it’s worth your time? Your peers are here and they come back for more! 97% of our students report that they would refer a friend, and 85 % return for additional classes within 24 months. We are passionate about your learning experience and want to help you be successful.
Core enabling technology workshops:

Entering The Workforce Or Changing Jobs?

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For over 35 years we’ve helped clients deploy training programs that work. Those who’ve attended class at The Computer Workshop return to work equipped with the skills they need to improve proficiency. We offer those same classes to individuals seeking to expand their skill set. Many of our classes qualify for college credit. Industry certifications are also available to those who are pursuing credentials that prove their expertise. And those clients that have worked with us throughout our 3 decades? Well, they just may want to hire you.

Instructor Led Training Locations

Columbus Ohio

5200 Upper Metro Place
Suite 140
Dublin, Ohio 43017

Cleveland Ohio

6133 Rockside Road
Independence, Ohio 44131

We also provide training in cities including: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and
St. Louis. Our training can be delivered virtually from any location. We offer on-site group training for organizations that request our tailored training solutions.

Other locations available upon request

About The Computer Workshop


The Computer Workshop, Inc. delivers in-person and virtual classroom instruction, tailored to advance the productivity of business and information technology professionals. We offer hands-on courses in IT and desktop application software. We provide instructor-led methodology courses for employee development, leadership, project management, and business analysis. Additional services include classroom rental and training plan development. Since 1988, The Computer Workshop has been advancing productivity in the workplace through continuing education programs. Focused on the dynamics of quality instruction, The Computer Workshop hosts courses in business application software, information technology, professional development, and best practice methodologies. The Computer Workshop customizes the curriculum and the delivery of instruction, based on the client's specific goals. With over 1,000 courses, The Computer Workshop works with individual students to satisfy personal and professional goals related to specific industry certifications, assessments, or college credit. A female-owned and family-run company, The Computer Workshop collaborates with small and mid-sized businesses, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies to advance productivity by investing in employee development.

Value Statement

As a faith-based corporation that believes in putting our customers first, The Computer Workshop offers efficient employee development training. We are flexible in tailoring course content, duration, location, and delivery options to maximize your return on investment. Our team is passionate about your learning experience.


The Computer Workshop, Inc. is a privately held company, independently owned and family operated- Founded in 1988, as an instructional workshop for computer users, The Computer Workshop has created long lasting relationships with many loyal customers, who have also contributed to its success. The family takes pride in the professionalism of their account managers and customer service staff and attributes the loyalty of its client base to the talent and expertise of their instructors. There are flexibility and accountability advantages when working with The Computer Workshop. Understanding that proficiency drives profitability we work in tandem with our clients to help them reach their employee development goals. Our original location was on Riverside Drive in Upper Arlington but we have since moved our Corporate offices to Dublin, Ohio with new regional campuses in Cleveland, Circleville, and Atlanta, Georgia. TCW is a prime example of 'The American Dream'. On April 1, 1988, Thelma Tippie opened a bank account with a mere $50.00. You might ask, how can you start a business with $50.00? You buy stationery, business cards, borrow an office with a phone, and use your own computer (a Macintosh) to lay out a business plan with a product you think is in demand, and start calling prospective clients!!! Now that sounds simple, but it wasn't at all. A lot of long hours and constant adjustments followed. 1990, T & M Computing was ready to incorporate as a Sub-Chapter S Corporation and became The Computer Workshop, Inc. Thelma was very fortunate in that her two daughters (Terri Williams Davy and Kim McFarland) and son (David Williams) all joined in the venture and have helped the company grow. Over the years, many employees have worked and continue to establish TCW. We have had the pleasure in creating long lasting relationship with many loyal customers, who have also contributed to our success as well.

The Experts for 35 years!

By Becky Anzalone

In today's digital age, having a solid understanding of technology and its uses is critical for success in virtually any industry. The Computer Workshop (TCW) is a premier provider of technology education, offering a wide range of courses designed to meet the needs of both individuals and organizations. In this article, we'll explore why TCW is the best choice for anyone seeking to enhance their technological skillset.

History and Expertise
TCW has a rich history of providing quality technology education, dating back to 1988. Since then, they have expanded their course offerings and locations to serve a broader audience. The company's history is a testament to its dedication to providing the best possible educational experience for its students.

The instructors at TCW are experts in their fields, with years of experience in technology and education. They are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and are always available to answer questions and provide guidance.

Wide Range of Courses
One of the most significant advantages of TCW is its extensive course catalog. They offer courses in a wide range of subjects, from Microsoft Office applications to cybersecurity and everything in between. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, there's a course at TCW that can help you improve your skills.

Flexible Learning Options
TCW understands that people have busy lives, and it can be challenging to find time to attend classes. That's why they offer a variety of learning options, including in-person classes, online courses, and self-paced e-learning. This flexibility makes it easy for anyone to fit technology education into their busy schedule.

Customized Training Solutions
In addition to their standard courses, TCW also offers customized training solutions for organizations. This allows businesses to provide their employees with the specific technical skills they need to be successful in their roles. TCW's team of experts can work with organizations to develop a custom training program that meets their unique needs.

Excellent Customer Service
At TCW, customer service is a top priority. Their team is always available to answer questions, provide support, and ensure that students have the best possible experience. They go above and beyond to ensure that every student feels valued and supported throughout their learning journey.

In conclusion, The Computer Workshop is the best choice for anyone looking to enhance their technological skills. With a rich history, expert instructors, a wide range of courses, flexible learning options, customized training solutions, and excellent customer service, TCW is the clear choice for technology education. Whether you're an individual looking to improve your skills or an organization seeking to provide your employees with the training they need to succeed, TCW is here to help.

What Clients Are Saying

“I appreciate the classes I took with your company these past couple of months and have nothing but glowing recommendations to give to my coworkers. Your team has gone all out, to make my technical education experience both delightful and impactful.”
- Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Database Specialist

Database Consulting Session: “I want to let you know everyone had a great time at The Computer Workshop. The time spent was well worth it! Skye was awesome! Very helpful. My software developers enjoyed speaking with her and having an opportunity to bounce ideas off of another developer.”
- Ohio Capital Corporation For Housing IT Manager

Project Management Professional (PMP) Course: “The content is ideal as set up now, a good mix between training material, material review questions, and actual test questions. The Kahoot sessions are an absolutely great way to host a quiz. Not only fun but 100% in line with the training material.”
- United States Coast Guard Captain

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