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Industry Highlight: September 2022
Low Code and No Code Development Platforms
As our technology grows so do our tools. Developers and non-technical users are able to create their own applications with minimal coding experience. How? With low code and no code platforms. This software takes out the tedious task of writing code line by line and uses a visual more user-friendly interface. Learn how and which programs you can start using today!

TCW History: September 2022
Our History with Programming Languages
Programming languages have been around for centuries, that's right! Our story began with simple consulting, then eventually offering Java and HTML courses. Now, today we have a robust catalog and are gazing into the future of AWS.

Industry Highlight: August 2022
A New Second Step
How has secondary education changed? The statistics point to a new option for non-traditional students. Adult learners need more flexibility and better financial options. See more in this month's blog!

TCW History: August 2022
How Continuing Education Lead Us To C.A.R.E.
The ‘E’ in our C.A.R.E. model stands for Educate. You may say, “Well, that is exactly what The Computer Workshop does”, and you would be right and wrong at the same time. Yes, we educate our clients on many different Software packages and Soft-Skill courses, but what we really do is ‘change lives!

Team Member Spotlight: August 2022
Andy Daley
This month, our Instructor Andy Daley is sharing his education journey and how being able to continue his training while employed mattered most to him.

Team Member Spotlight: July 2022
Judy Fabec
This month we're recognizing Judy Fabec in this spotlight. Judy's hard work as our Training Coordinator helps everyone do their job better!

Industry Highlight: July 2022
The Referrals You Need, From The People Who Truly C.A.R.E.
In this day and age, we all need help keeping up with current trends. Having an Education Specialist is the best tool you can have to accomplish this in your daily work. Learn how TCW has the experts you need to refer you to the best career path possible.

TCW History: July 2022
How Referrals Have Helped Us Succeed, And Now You!
Referrals are still one of the best ways to conduct business. Whether by referring your favorite company OR giving your clients the best referrals you can find for what they need. Read more to see how Thelma elaborates!

Time to Party and Celebrate YOU!
Join Us On June 29th
We're having a party for all of our students, clients, and staff to show our appreciation. Everyone is invited to join in on the fun and knowledge! Learn More Here!

Team Member Spotlight: June 2022
Belinda Doan
This month, we are recognizing Belinda Doan for our Team Member Spotlight. Belinda is a skilled Education Specialist that helps clients find the training solution fit for them. Learn more here!

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