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Analytics Bootcamp
Excel to Advanced Analytics in 12 weeks!
For individuals seeking to enhance their data analytics skills and move beyond Excel, our NEW Analytics Bootcamp offers a transformative opportunity. In just 12 weeks, participants can progress from analyzing ad-hoc data sets to mastering advanced analytics in modern tool stacks. Learn More Here!

Industry Highlight: May 2023
The Tools of Data Analytics: Unleashing the Power of Data Management
the tools of data analytics offer organizations the means to effectively manage, analyze, and derive insights from their data. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most popular tools of data analytics, namely Tableau, Power BI, Excel, Dataiku, and Python, and delve into why they are indispensable for efficient data management.

Why Choose TCW - May 2023
The Crucial Role of a Strong Developer Team (Where to Find Them and How to Train Them)
Do you need top developers for your organization? Finding the right talent can be daunting but TCW and our good friends at Tublilan can help round out your developer team! Read on to learn why you need a strong team, especially for data management, and how to create it for your organization.

Career Highlight: May 2023
Microsoft Data Analytics: Opportunities and Tools for Success
Harnessing data is crucial for informed decisions in today's changing world. Data Analytics with Microsoft offers powerful tools to unlock data's potential plus offers many career opportunities. Equipped with the right skills, professionals can succeed in this data-driven landscape. Embrace the potential of data analytics with Microsoft for a bright future.

Certification Highlight: April 2023
How do I stand out in a 12 million-plus person industry?
Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, but how do you rise above the competition? With a certification from one of the most recognized certifying bodies in the world! Learn who CompTIA is and why you should consider getting one or more of their IT certifications.

Team Member Spotlight: April 2023
Evan Hively
Meet Evan, our team member spotlight for April. As one of our Microsoft Application instructors. He's been with us for about eight months and loves helping others find new opportunities within their careers. Watch his interview to learn more!

Industry Highlight: April 2023
How Staff Training Positively Impacts Your Business
We've done the math and pulled the stats, staff training should always be a priority! Learn the benefits of training your staff regularly to keep them engaged but also to keep your operation running smoothly.

Why Choose TCW - April 2023
The Experts for 35 years!
35 years ago this month, our founder, Thelma Tippie, started The Computer Workshop. Over the years, we have become a premier provider of technology education, offering a wide range of courses designed to meet the needs of both individuals and organizations. Learn more about all that we offer right here!

Certification Highlight: March 2023
Why You Should Get an AWS Certification
AWS is a leading provider of cloud computing services, and an AWS certification is a valuable credential for professionals looking to advance their careers in the field of cloud computing. See the benefits of getting certified in this post!

Industry Highlight: March 2023
Prepare Your Staff For The Future With a Skills Gap Analysis
What do organizations do when they lose a valuable team member? You know, the guy who knows all the back-end processes that we never wrote down...They have a plan in place well before anyone that important leaves. Read on to see how to create your own!

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