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TechConnect Community Event
FREE Learning and Networking
We are hosting LIVE Tech Talks to spread the word to our community about the latest trends in technology training. There will be sessions covering hot topics such as Workforce Development, Emerging Technologies, Organizational Data Transformation, Cybersecurity and AI, and Changement Management. Breakfast will be provided for the morning sessions and the evening sessions will have appetizers and drinks!

Industry Highlight: September 2023
AI Code vs. Human Code: Why the Human Touch is Still Needed
Explore the dynamic interplay between AI and human programmers in software development. This article delves into the evolving landscape of AI-driven code generation and the irreplaceable role of human creativity, ethics, and adaptability. The collaboration between AI and humans is the key to building innovative, ethical, and user-friendly software that meets the highest standards. Dive into the future of software development, where the fusion of AI and human expertise paves the way for a better, more connected world.

Why Choose TCW - September 2023
Empowering Young Minds: The Synergy Between The Computer Workshop and Cool Tech Girls
Explore CoolTechGirls, a cherished non-profit close to our hearts. We take immense pride in backing their mission, which is to instill a passion for STEM in young girls. Dive into their story and discover how TCW contributes to their success!

Career Highlight: September 2023
The Unsung Heroes: People Behind the Code
Explore the world of unsung heroes who shape our digital reality through their creativity and dedication. This article pays tribute to the innovative, problem-solving artists, engineers, and coders who bring our everyday apps, websites, and software to life. Delve into their crucial role in driving progress and innovation, and join us in expressing gratitude to these hidden geniuses who craft our digital world.

Industry Highlight: August 2023
Navigating ChatGPT: Pros, Cons and A Roadmap to Success
Explore the transformative potential of ChatGPT for businesses as we delve into its pros and cons. This advanced language model, crafted by OpenAI, has revolutionized customer service, marketing, and content creation across industries. Join us as we uncover the benefits and challenges of integrating ChatGPT into your business strategy.

Why Choose TCW - August 2023
Investing in the Community through Generosity and Tech Initiatives
In today's tech-driven world, companies must thrive and uplift communities. The Computer Workshop shines as a model, blending success with impactful giving. Through resourceful initiatives, TCW empowers and supports the community, showcasing the profound influence of our philanthropy and tech commitment.

Certification Highlight: August 2023
Opportunities Await with a Data Analytics Specialist Certification
Discover how to transform into a skilled Data Analytics Specialist! This article explains the key responsibilities of these specialists and how TCW can help you become one. Equip yourself with the skills to drive data-driven decisions and unlock rewarding career opportunities.

Why Choose TCW - July 2023
Empowering Success through Training and Technology
Discover the remarkable journey of Thelma Tippie and The Computer Workshop. From humble beginnings to big-name partnerships, their story is a testament to the power of hard work, faith, and the pursuit of excellence. Prepare to be inspired and learn how The Computer Workshop is shaping the future of business and technology education.

Certification Highlight: July 2023
Mile2—Empowering Cybersecurity Professionals
Discover the power of Mile2 in empowering cybersecurity professionals and elevating organizational defenses against ever-evolving cyber threats. Read on to uncover the secrets to success and learn how Mile2's expertise can enhance your cybersecurity journey.

Industry Highlight: July 2023
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Understanding Intelligent Machines
Discover the incredible world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning! Learn the secrets behind these game-changing technologies that are revolutionizing industries and shaping our future. Stay informed and be part of the AI revolution with TCW!

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