Team Member Spotlight: May 2022
In May, we recognize Amy Graves for our Team Member Spotlight. Amy is a skilled Education Specialists that helps clients finding the training solution fit for them. Check it out here!

Industry Highlight: May 2022
Ongoing budgeted employee training and development programs are an essential element to the success of any organization. Learn how vital it is and how consulting uncovers your needs.

TCW History: May 2022
Today, consulting is still a large part of our business. Read this month's article from Thelma Tippie that explains how our consulting with student and organizations show how we C.A.R.E.

Team Member Spotlight: April 2022
April's spotlight is on one of our newest team members, Drew! He is an Education Specialist and is driven to help our clients. Check out his virtual interview here!

TCW History: April 2022
The first of the month marked The Computer Workshop’s 34th year in business. Hear from our very own Thelma Tippie as she recalls her most memorable moments in our history.

Industry Highlights: April 2022
Check out this month's Industry Highlights article where we discuss how to overcome failure. Learn how to bounce back to the mindset of success.

Industry Highlights - March 2022
The month of March brings us to the third step of our journey this year. From Plan, Do, to Check, are you where you need to be for your goals? Learn how to successfully check off those start of the year goals!

Team Member Spotlight - March 2022
This month we recognize one of our team members that has done it all. This member helps several different teams at TCW and is one of our secrets to our success. Find out who it is here!

TCW History - March 2022
Opportunities can come our way in many different forms, and it's important to seize every moment. Read here from Thelma Tippie on how opportunity impacted her and her journey.

TCW Tips - February 2022
The best way to save time and increase efficiency is through keyboard shortcuts. Download our list of all the keyboard shortcuts you need to know while using Microsoft Word.

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