Cyber Monday
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TCW History - November 2021
Do you remember a diskette? Have you heard of a floppy disk? Take a moment to learn how network infrastructure made TCW's life a lot easier.

Why Choose TCW - November 2021
What makes us special? If you've taken one of our courses or invested in a training solution that worked, you may know our formula. Find out here.

Industry Highlights - November 2021
Network infrastructure has played a huge role in the IT industry. Learn here how infrastructure has impacted not only TCW, but the entire networking landscape.

Industry Leader Spotlight - October 2021
Presentation Guild
This month our Leadership Spotlight is on the team of leaders at Presentation Guild. The Presentation Guild is a community of experts in the presentation field, with members ranging from graphic designers to speakers and coaches.

TCW History - October 2021
GRAPHICS: Then & Now!
Yes, it is time to think about creating cards, ads and videos for the holidays! What better time is there to talk about graphics?

Why Choose TCW - October 2021
Learn In Our Green Room!
TCW stays on the cutting edge of technology and we are very innovative in the training and services we offer. We will go the extra mile needed to provide the services you need.

Team Member Spotlight - October 2021
Meet Brian Ireson
Congratulations to one of our highly gifted instructors who joined The Computer Workshop in 2005!

Industry Highlights - October 2021
The Next 5 Years: It's All About Videos
The next 5 years promises to be yet another chapter in the life of graphics in communication. This time the version seems to be in video production.

EC-Council First Look
2021 Fall Lineup
First Look training sessions are LIVE sneak peeks into some of the most demanded certifications. Take a look at this awesome lineup of First Looks for Fall 2021!

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