Holiday Special 2023
Huge Group Training Sale!
Transform this holiday season into a learning celebration with our Group Training Holiday Special! Purchase four seats and receive an extra one for free, plus enjoy a spectacular 50% off on any additional seats—empower your team with knowledge and savings like never before!

Certification Highlight: November 2023
Elevating Your Business with Scrum and Agile Project Management
Discover how Agile and Scrum, coupled with team certification, not only enhance adaptability, customer-centricity, and collaboration but also serve as a strategic catalyst for unprecedented success. Dive into the marriage of methodologies and certification, and propel your business into a future of innovation, efficiency, and unwavering customer focus.

Industry Highlight: November 2023
Crafting Tomorrow: A Strategic Approach to the New Year
Explore the art of reflection, analysis, and setting the course for future achievements as we approach the year's end. This article examines the key areas to assess for improved decision-making in 2024, alongside tactics for shaping realistic business objectives.

Why Choose TCW - November 2023
Maximizing Your Organization's Potential: Success through Funding Programs and Training
At The Computer Workshop, we recognize that each organization possesses distinctive requirements and financial considerations. That's why we are committed to providing tailored training solutions that not only can be facilitated through funding programs but are also adaptable to suit a wide range of budgets. Discover more about our most sought-after funding programs designed to empower our clients in enhancing their workforce's skills and capabilities.

Fall Special 2023
Mile2 Cybersecurity Special on Self-Study Combos
Embrace flexible online learning from any location. Our self-study combo packages are available on-demand through Mile2's online portal, allowing you to study at your convenience. To celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we're presenting a special offer: ALL Mile2 on-demand self-study combos are now priced at only $995.00! This exclusive opportunity offers savings of up to 50% on select self-study packages. Don't miss out; act now!

Career Highlight: October 2023
Exploring the Diverse Careers in Cybersecurity
Discover the exciting world of cybersecurity careers in this informative article. From information security analysts safeguarding digital assets to ethical hackers probing for vulnerabilities, explore a diverse range of roles in this high-demand field. Whether you're drawn to coding, cryptography, or management, this article provides a concise overview of the various paths available in the dynamic realm of cybersecurity.

Why Choose TCW - October 2023
Navigating the Digital Training Landscape with TCW
The prospect of training your team in the latest software and enhancing their soft skills, or even securing certifications from reputable bodies, might appear daunting. However, rest assured that you have a dedicated partner who is genuinely invested in your team's success and growth. Learn how TCW plans to expand its offerings, providing even more essential knowledge to help individuals and businesses thrive in today's fast-paced technological landscape.

Industry Highlight: October 2023
The Paramount Role of Cybersecurity in Our Interconnected World
Discover the essence of cybersecurity in our increasingly digital world. Dive into the proactive approach that safeguards systems, networks, and data from evolving digital threats. Explore the Triad of Cybersecurity Principles and learn why cybersecurity education is essential for a secure and resilient future.

Data Analytics Bootcamp
Excel to Advanced Analytics in 12 weeks!
For individuals seeking to enhance their data analytics skills and move beyond Excel, our NEW Analytics Bootcamp offers a transformative opportunity. In just 12 weeks, participants can progress from analyzing ad-hoc data sets to mastering advanced analytics in modern tool stacks. Learn More Here!

TechConnect Community Event
FREE Learning and Networking
We are hosting LIVE Tech Talks to spread the word to our community about the latest trends in technology training. There will be sessions covering hot topics such as Workforce Development, Emerging Technologies, Organizational Data Transformation, Cybersecurity and AI, and Changement Management. Breakfast will be provided for the morning sessions and the evening sessions will have appetizers and drinks!

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