Career Highlight: April 2024

How and Why to Invest in Your IT Certification

By Becky Anzalone

Unlocking Career Growth Through Learning

It's no secret that upgrading your skills through additional training and certifications can lead to a brighter career path. When employers support their employees' professional development endeavors, it's a win-win situation for both parties. Recent research from CompTIA highlights some key priorities in HR and talent management over the next year:

1. Implementing better training and professional development approaches.
2. Addressing employee skills gaps proactively.
3. Adopting new tools for candidate screening during hiring.
4. Enhancing processes for managing a diverse workforce.
5. Leveraging data-driven insights for areas like staff satisfaction and performance.
6. Cultivating a modern corporate culture.
7. Upgrading HR management systems.

One of the valuable benefits employers often provide is covering the costs of training and certifications. While this might not initially seem like a significant perk, seizing these opportunities can transform your career trajectory and lead to new, lucrative opportunities.

How to Persuade Your Employer to Sponsor Your IT Certification

According to CompTIA, IT certifications can fast-track your career growth, bypassing the need for a traditional four-year degree. However, obtaining these certifications can be financially burdensome, even though they typically cost less than a college degree.

To stay ahead in the tech industry, it's crucial to continuously enhance your professional skills. And the good news is, you can pursue this without draining your bank account by seeking financial support from your employer.

Of course, you can't simply demand educational funding from your manager, nor should you wait for them to offer it spontaneously. Approach the conversation with professionalism and directness, backed by solid research and facts. Highlight how the training program will benefit your current role and future career prospects, ultimately contributing to the organization's success.

Here are some compelling statistics to bolster your case for employer-supported training and certifications:
  • 93% of employees credit employer support for helping them develop the skills necessary for advancement within the organization.
  • 56% of employees wouldn't pursue additional training without employer backing.
  • A study revealed that:
    • Over 50% of IT professionals reported an improvement in the quality of their work post-certification.
    • 33% found their work more engaging after obtaining certifications.
    • 15% experienced a decrease in errors.
    • 94% of decision-makers believed certified employees added value surpassing the certification costs.

Employers also appreciate employees who seek out cost-saving opportunities for certifications. You can explore various options for reducing certification expenses by reaching out to training providers like The Computer Workshop for potential discounts. Additionally, inquire about any Educational Benefit Programs your employer may offer; many programs, including those requiring college credits, can be used to fund certifications at The Computer Workshop.

By presenting a compelling case and demonstrating the tangible benefits of investing in your professional growth, you can increase your chances of securing financial support for your IT certifications from your employer. Remember, it's an investment in your future that benefits both you and your organization.

The Computer Workshop can help you craft this conversation and work with funding programs to keep the tuition reasonable. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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