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A single email can lead to a multi-million dollar breach in seconds, and the employee responsible may not even be aware of their mistake. The problem lies in the fact that many end users arent aware of the dangers accompanying todays most common cybersecurity threats, much less how to detect them. CyberSAFE helps ensure that your end users can identify the common risks associated with using conventional end-user technology, as well as how to safely protect themselves and their organizations from security risks.
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CyberSAFE 4.00 $199.00
Description: In this course, you will cover what you can do to protect yourself and your organization from technology-related risks. This course will help you to: Understand both security and compliance needs and requirements. Recognize and avoid phishing and other social engineering attempts. Recognize and avoid viruses, ransomware, and other malware. Help ensure data security on computers, mobile devices, networks, the Internet, and in the cloud. In this course, you will use discussions, case studies, and the experiences of your instructor and fellow students to explore the hazards and pitfalls of technology and learn how to use that technology safely and securely.

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