ISCAP Courses

Individuals with an ISCAP certification are able to establish a certified and accredited (authorized) information system in any organization according to current best practices and Federal standards.
Course Name Hours List Price Content
ISCAP: Information Security Accreditation and Certification Professional 21.00 $3,000.00
Description: In this course, you will cover the process of certifying, reviewing and accrediting an information system(IS). What does it take to have a certified and accredited information system in accordance with DIACAP Instruction 8510.01? This course is designed to provide a complete guide to establishing a certifiable and accredited information system in any organization. Therefore, it will give you standards to measure the skills required of specific members of an organization in order to certify, review and accredit the IS security. These critical decisions are essential in making sure that the security of the IS outweighs the potential risks to an organization from any internal or external threats.