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There are good penetration testers and then there are great penetration testers. Unless you are bent on being nothing other than the best in penetration testing, dont bother registering for this program, as you are probably not cut out for it. We know that the only way to find out what you are made of is by testing you at the brink of exhaustion which is why the LPT (Master) exam is 18 hours long! Your pen testing skills will be challenged over three levels, each with three challenges, against a multi-layered network architecture with defense-in-depth controls. You will be required to make knowledgeable decisions under immense pressure at critical stages while selecting your approach and exploits. As you progress along these levels, you will need to maneuver web application, network, and host penetration testing tools and tricks in an internal and external context to ultimately pwn the hosts and exfiltrate data required for the completion of the challenges.
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LPT: Advanced Penetration Testing 28.00 $2,999.00
Description: The course will teach you how to perform a professional security test as well as how to produce the next most important thing the findings and the report! The ranges progress in difficulty and reflect an enterprise level architecture. There will be defenses to defeat and challenges to overcome. This is not your typical FLAT network! As the range levels increase you will encounter the top defenses of today and learn the latest evasion techniques.

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