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The Service Strategy (SS) certification is one of five ITIL Service Lifecycle modules and provides you with the guidance that enables you to design, develop, and implement service provider strategy that aligns to the organizational strategy. The SS module focuses on the importance of the strategic aspect of services within the IT service lifecycle. It provides the specific knowledge and techniques to help you demonstrate that you understand the risks and success factors and have the skills to develop and progress strategy within an organization or program.
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ITIL Intermediate: Service Strategy (SS) 28.00 $2,100.00
Description: Service Strategy is the axis upon which the other stages of the IT lifecycle are based. It is in this stage that the high level strategic, investment and business value(s) of each service is considered and weighed against other existing and proposed services. Based on the Service Strategy publication of the ITIL V3 library, ITSM Academys course focuses on the planning, implementing and optimizing of Service Strategy concepts and processes. The course culminates with the ITIL V3 Intermediate Service Strategy certification examination. Embedded into the three (3) day course is our unique virtualization, Living the Lifecycle. Woven through all of ITSM Academys ITIL V3 Certification classes, this virtualization brings V3 processes and concepts to life. Within a virtual business environment, as a group, we will introduce a service and then follow it from strategic decision through implementation.

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