ArcGIS Courses

Instructor led classes teach essential skills for being efficient with ArcGIS, a for working with maps and geographic information. Explore geographic information system (GIS) data through ArcMap and create maps to illustrate relationships in the data. Intermediate courses are available for students who want to learn more about efficiently and effectively working in ArcGIS. Select the course below or talk to our educational consultants about scheduling a class for your specific requirements.
Course Name Hours CEUs Content
ArcGIS Geoprocessing and Model Builder 10.x 16.00 1.60
Description: With ModelBuilder, you can automate workflows in ArcGIS without writing code! By graphically connecting tools together, and connecting those tools to input datasets, you can create your own custom workflows (your own tools) in ArcToolbox. From repetitive data loading (i.e. loading new competitor data once a month) to complex analysis (site investigation studies, play assessments), geoscientists and geoscience technicians are using Model Builder to help them in their daily tasks. This course teaches you the basics of building models and handling data in ModelBuilder, then shows you how to take your models to the next level by including variables and looping constructs. For example, you can build a model that automatically renames all of the feature classes in a particular geodatabase or one that loops through all of the unique values in an attribute table.

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ArcGIS Pro Intermediate 24.00 2.40
ArcGIS Pro Introduction 16.00 1.60
ArcGIS Python for GIS 10.x 24.00 2.40