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Python for ArcGIS Pro 21.00 $1,595.00
Description: Python is a scripting language used to automate tasks and create new functionality in ArcGIS Pro. Python scripts can be used to manipulate a map, execute geoprocessing commands, and read/write files. This three-day course takes a leveled approach to writing scripts; beginning with basic Python syntax and simple scripts, ending with scripts that read files, manipulate the information, and create GIS data. The course teaches the arcpy site package, using the Spyder IDE. This class is supplemented with a second course, Getting Started with the ArcGIS API for Python and Jupyter Notebooks, which covers the ArcGIS API for Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and interacting with web GIS.

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ArcGIS: Scripting with Arcade 7.00 $499.00
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