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Data Analysis with Google Sheets 7.00 $325.00
Description: In this course, you will cover creating and modifying table elements, adding and deleting records and fields, and using Data forms and Slicers with table data. You will import data from Access and Excel objects as well as text file types. Proper data management will be discussed to determine structure requirements, sorting, filtering, using flash fill, auto filter and advanced filtering features. The database functions will allow the user to extract data from a large list of content with precision based on specific criteria. Finally, the data modeling features will examine how to take spreadsheet data and create one to many relationships which will expand the functionality of a pivot table for a greater understanding of the data.

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Google Ads: Foundation 7.00 $449.00
Google Analytics for Businesses 7.00 $399.00
Pivot Tables with Google Sheets 4.00 $219.00