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The Computer Workshop offers detailed hands-on labs and in-depth content in our Microsoft Windows Server courses. From administration to network storage and security, an array of workshops are available to help IT professionals gain the knowledge to meet and manage continually-growing and evolving IT environments.
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10961 - Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell 35.00 $2,899.00
Description: This five day course provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to use Windows PowerShell 3.0 for administering and automating administration of Windows based servers. It focuses on primary Windows PowerShell command-line features and techniques, and will provide prerequisite skills supporting many different Microsoft products. This includes Windows Server, Windows Client, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, System Center, and more. In keeping with that goal, this course will not focus on any one of those products, although Windows Server (which is the common platform for all of those) will serve as the example for the techniques being taught. In this five day course you will learn to execute and monitor scripts more efficiently through more robust session connectivity, workflow capabilities, improved job scheduling, and Windows PowerShell Web Access. Learn Windows PowerShell with greater ease through improved cmdlet discovery and simplified, consistent syntax across all cmdlets. Write Windows PowerShell scripts quicker and more intuitively through the new Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) that enables script sharing, which connects IT pros to a larger Windows PowerShell user community. Learn all this and more in this five-day Microsoft Official Course in Windows PowerShell v3.0 Audience Profile This course is intended for IT Professionals already experienced in general Windows Server and Windows Client administration or already experienced in administering and supporting Application servers and services including Exchange, SharePoint, SQL etc It is broadly intended for students who want to use Windows PowerShell to automate administrative tasks from the command line, using any Microsoft or independent software vendor (ISV) product that supports Windows PowerShell manageability. This course is not intended to be a scripting or programming course, and includes only basic coverage of scripting and programming topics. Students are not expected to have prior scripting or programming experience, and are not expected to have prior Windows PowerShell experience

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10962 - Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell 21.00 $1,739.00
10967 - Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure 35.00 $2,899.00
10969 - Active Directory Services with Windows Server 2012 35.00 $2,495.00
20411 - Windows Server 2012: Administering Windows Server 2012 35.00 $2,899.00
20413 - Windows Server 2012: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure 35.00 $2,899.00
20414 - Windows Server 2012: Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure 35.00 $2,899.00
20740 - Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 35.00 $2,899.00
20741 - Networking with Windows Server 2016 35.00 $2,899.00
20742 - Identity with Windows Server 2016 35.00 $2,899.00
20743 - Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016 35.00 $2,899.00
20744 - Securing Windows Server 2016 35.00 $2,899.00
50255 - Managing Windows Environments with Group Policy 35.00 $2,899.00
55039 - Windows PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking 35.00 $2,899.00
55265AC - Microsoft PowerApps 14.00 $1,159.00
Mastering Windows Server 2019 35.00 $2,899.00
WS-011T00: Windows Server 2019 Administration 35.00 $2,899.00
WS-012T00: Windows Server 2019 Hybrid and Azure IaaS 21.00 $1,739.00