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Our instruction in programming and scripting is tailored, and applied to meet programmers and application developers practical and dynamic needs. Open-source workshops are exploring proven real-world techniques to build, and deliver on time, quality systems that meet requirements. See below the complete list of courses on JAVA and Ruby.
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Java: Intermediate-Advanced Java 35.00 $2,499.00
Description: Intermediate/Advanced Java 8 includes an accelerated, yet thorough hands-on review of Java foundational concepts, with attention given to OO design and implementation principles. It then moves on to comprehensive coverage of more advanced topics in Java and OO development to provide participants with a strong grounding to use Java in a sophisticated and productive manner. This course covers far more than an introductory course, including important topics such as UML and Design Patterns, and using composition vs. inheritance, which are all key to creating well-structured OO systems. After these important areas, it moves on to advanced Java topics such as inner classes, reflection, writing generic classes, and functional programming with lambdas and streams. It teaches a number of useful techniques that enhance productivity and good system design - which may otherwise take Java developers years to absorb on their own. The course concludes with build tools and logging. Unit testing is stressed throughout the course, with most labs implemented as JUnit tests. All labs are done with the Eclipse IDE Java EE version, and the lab instructions include detailed directions for using it.

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Java: Introduction to Java for New Programmers 35.00 $2,499.00