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Google Ads: Foundation

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Google Ads: Foundation 7.00 $449.00
Description: In todays technologically connected society, people have access to information almost everywhere they go on a variety of devices. All strong marketing campaigns should incorporate some form of search engine advertising. Google AdWords is a search engine advertising tool that allows individuals and organizations to advertise on the Internet. Google AdWords is the most popular search engine advertising tool and operates on the largest connected set of networks, Googles networks. Google AdWords is simple to start using, but is difficult to master. AdWords campaigns have many components that must work together well to create an effective ad campaign. Managing an AdWords campaign involves constant monitoring, analysis, and refinement to improve campaign performance. In this course, youll create a Google AdWords account and an AdWords campaign. Youll create both text and image ads, and target campaigns to specific audience segments by using advanced AdWords features. Youll refine and optimize all aspects of your AdWords campaigns from ads, to keywords, to bidding, to budgets.

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