Introduction to Spring 5, Spring Boot, and Spring REST Detail


Introduction to Spring 5, Spring Boot, and Spring REST

Course Name Hours CEUs Content
Introduction to Spring 5, Spring Boot, and Spring REST 35.00 3.50
Description: Spring 5 provides an evolutionary advance of Springs powerful capabilities. This course introduces the many Spring Core capabilities, as well as providing guidelines on when and how to use them. It also goes into considerable depth on Spring Boot for dependency management and auto-configuration, as well as Spring REST for creating RESTful resources. The course starts with in-depth coverage of Springs Core module to reduce coupling and increase the flexibility, ease of maintenance, and testing of your applications. It goes on to cover many of the most important capabilities of Spring, including easing configuration with Spring Boot, integrating JPA persistence layers with Spring and Spring Data, and using Springs declarative transaction capabilities. The course includes a solid introduction to Spring REST, and coverage of building RESTful resources. It also covers many of the details of Spring Boot, including how to create Boot-based POMs (maven) for simplified dependency management, customizing Boot behavior, and understanding/managing Boots auto-configuration. This course is hands on with labs to reinforce all the important concepts. It will enable you to build working Spring applications and give you an understanding of the important concepts and technology in a very short time.

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