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Application Development Courses

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Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Platforms (DEVASC) 35.00 $4,500.00
Description: This class includes lecture sections and self-study sections. In instructor-led classes, lectures are delivered in real-time, either in person or via video conferencing. In e-learning courses, the lectures are on recorded videos. In both versions, you will need to review self-study sections on your own before taking the certification exam. Lecture: Practicing Modern Software Development Introducing Network-Based APIs Consuming REST-Based APIs Employing Programmability on Cisco Platforms Relating Network and Applications Employing Model-Driven Programmability with YANG Deploying Applications Testing and Securing Applications Automating Infrastructure Self Study: Describing Software Development Process Designing Software Introducing Cisco Platforms Describing IP Networks (ELT only).

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IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 Application Development (WM668G) 35.00 $3,975.00
Introduction to Spring 5, Spring Boot, and Spring REST 35.00 $2,899.00
React using TypeScript 21.00 $1,795.00