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Open-source framework for big data processing. Uses resilient distributed datasets (RDDs). Apache Spark overcame the shortcomings of Hadoop, providing features such as real-time processing, reduced latency, and better abstraction of distributed systems.
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Advanced Data Engineering with Databricks 14.00 $2,000.00
Description: In this course, you will build upon your existing knowledge of Apache Spark, Structured Streaming, and Delta Lake to unlock the full potential of the data lakehouse by utilizing the suite of tools provided by Databricks. This course places a heavy emphasis on designs favoring incremental data processing, enabling systems optimized to continuously ingest and analyze ever-growing data. By designing workloads that leverage built-in platform optimizations, data engineers can reduce the burden of code maintenance and on-call emergencies, and quickly adapt production code to new demands with minimal refactoring or downtime. The topics in this course should be mastered prior to attempting the Databricks Certified Data Engineer Professional exam.
Optimizing Apache Spark on Databricks 14.00 $2,000.00