Writing and Grammar Skills


Writing and Grammar Skills Courses

Our classrooms offer the perfect learning environment for employees skill development. Our Certified Business Professional Curriculum provides clients with a training path for their staff that includes time management, writing skills, communications, presentations, sales and leadership development. Select the course below or talk to our educational consultants about a tailored track for your specific requirements.
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Business Writing for Executives 14.00 $598.00
Description: Write emails, memos, and letters with confidence, clarity, and style. Rather than struggling to connect with your audience, start with the end in mind, and unlock the tools needed for concise communication. This Business Writing Course offers a practical guide to business writing. We do not just talk about writing; we write! Backed by dozens of examples that show the transformation of the cryptic and bloated into the streamlined and meaningful. Furthermore, spelling and grammar alone are not enough to craft a clear message. We must be clear with our purpose, understand how the message connects with our reader, and adjust our phrasing and tone accordingly. Only then, will the mechanics of writing come to our aid.

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E-Mail Etiquette 6.00 $299.00
Improving and Refining Your Business Writing Skills 14.00 $598.00
Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills 14.00 $598.00
Writing Effective E-mail 7.00 $399.00