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As a Microsoft Learning Partner, we offer a range of MS Office classes including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook and PowerPoint. In-class and after class support provide essential tips for helping students resolve problems they face using Excel in their workplace. Select one of our Excel beginner, intermediate and advanced courses to work more productively with Functions, Formulas, Pivot Tables, and Database Features.
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Excel 2019 Formulas 6.00 $279.00
Description: In this course, you will cover how to: name cells and ranges, use those names in formulas, use Logical and Lookup function formulas, use the IF and IFS formulas, Data Validation, use Match and Indexing formulas, work with Date and Time formulas, and use the formula auditing tools to trouble shoot problems in formulas.

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Excel 2019 Level 1 7.00 $279.00
Excel 2019 Level 2 7.00 $289.00
Excel 2019 Level 3 7.00 $299.00
Excel 365 Level 1 7.00 $279.00
Excel 365 Level 2 7.00 $289.00
Excel 365 Level 3 7.00 $299.00