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Oracle Application Tuning 21.00 $1,625.00
Description: This course provides students with an introduction to application and database tuning. Students will learn how the cost-based optimizer works. A discussion of basic Oracle architecture will provide the foundation for understanding both SQL statement and system performance. Students will use EXPLAIN PLAN and AUTOTRACE for evaluating execution strategies and the DBMSSTATS package for gathering optimizer statistics. Also discussed is how to influence the behavior of the optimizer with hints, physical schema changes, and alternative SQL statement syntax. Factors that affect overall system performance such as the buffer cache, SGA structures, and waits due to locks and latches are presented. Hands-on workshops provide students with a solid understanding of the concepts presented in the lectures. This course can be taught for any Oracle version. Tuning Overview Oracle Architecture ALERT Logs, Trace Files, and Events SQL Statement Processing SQL Statement Tuning Indexes Cost-Based Optimizer Influencing the Optimizer Tuning Tools SQL Plan Management Locking and Concurrency

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