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Our SQL Server training is designed for IT professionals and developers looking for advanced techniques for managing, programming and administration of SQL. Our instructors are experts and offer hands on MySQL Server instruction with in-depth labs. See the SQL Course Content sheets for class information.
Course Name Hours CEUs Content
Teradata v15 Architecture and SQL 35.00 3.50
Description: In this course will cover: Teradata Parallel Architecture, fundamental SQL using SELECT and other SQL commands; to use on-line HELP and SHOW commands; commands for data conversions, aggregation processing, processing subqueries, join processing, date and time processing, character string processing, and On-Line analytical processing (OLAP); utilize Set Operators; data manipulation techniques; learn commands for Data Interrogation, view processing, macro processing, and transaction processing; adding totals and subtotals to reports; work with data definition language; using temporary tables; learn about trigger processing, and commands for stored procedures.

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