OneNote Courses

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Adding and Formatting OneNote 2016 Notebook Content 2.00 $99.00
Description: Welcome to Microsoft Office OneNote 2016. In this course, you will get started by exploring the different parts of a notebook and learning how to navigate the OneNote interface. Understanding the OneNote environment and the components of a notebook, adding notes, and adding other content are the building blocks for learning OneNote.

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Embedding and Attaching Files in OneNote 2016 1.00 $59.00
Finalizing a OneNote 2016 Notebook 1.00 $59.00
Managing OneNote 2016 Notebook Files 1.00 $59.00
Organizing and Searching OneNote 2016 Notebooks 1.00 $59.00
Sending and Sharing OneNote 2016 Content 1.00 $59.00