PowerPoint Courses

Our classrooms offer the perfect learning environment for employee skill development. As a Microsoft Learning Partner, we offer a range of PowerPoint classes covering basic presentation skills to incorporating video and animation in your presentation.
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Adding Charts to Your PowerPoint 2016 Presentation 2.00 $99.00
Description: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 provides you with the ability to create eye-catching charts that show the meaning behind complex strings of data. You have a wide array of options for formatting these charts to make your point clearly, and to show the audience a broader view of the data. This course will show you how to sue these features to lend visual appeal to your presentations and reduce the amount of time you need to spend explaining complex numerical relationships.

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Adding Graphical Elements to Your PowerPoint 2016 Presentation 1.00 $59.00
Adding SmartArt and Equations to a PowerPoint 2016 Presentation 1.00 $59.00
Adding Tables to Your PowerPoint 2016 Presentation 2.00 $99.00
Collaborating on a PowerPoint 2016 Presentation 1.00 $59.00
Customizing a PowerPoint 2016 Slide Show 3.00 $159.00
Customizing PowerPoint 2016 Design Templates 2.00 $99.00
Developing a PowerPoint 2016 Presentation 2.00 $99.00
Modifying Objects in Your PowerPoint 2016 Presentation 4.00 $199.00
Modifying the PowerPoint 2016 Environment 2.00 $99.00
Performing Advanced Text Editing in PowerPoint 2016 3.00 $159.00
Securing and Distributing a PowerPoint 2016 Presentation 3.00 $159.00
Working with Media and Animations in PowerPoint 2016 2.00 $99.00