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Application Development Courses

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Kony Developer Bootcamp 35.00 $3,000.00
Description: This five-day accelerated course is designed for developers and provides participants with the knowledge and skills that are required to design develop engaging cross-platform mobile applications using Kony Visualizer and Kony Fabric. Students will learn how to develop and deploy apps across multiple channels, including on-device native applications for iOS, Android as well as HTML5-enabled mobile websites. This week focuses on Kony Visualizer to define and design the user interface, and on the fundamental skills for creating, configuring, managing, and maintaining mobile apps using Kony Visualizer and Kony Fabric. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to start with their Kony Front-end Developer Certified Expert project. This course will be based on the Kony Platform version 8. Where applicable, the trainer will also discuss how to achieve the same (or very similar results) using version 7.x

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