How to Get Your Boss to Pay for Your IT Certification

Want to Get Certified? 

How to Get Your Boss to Pay for Your IT Certification.

Increase Skills to Increase Value to Increase Pay!

It is no secret that additional training and learning opportunities, if taken advantage of, will lead to improved skills. When an employer encourages employees to participate in various professional development opportunities, it is definitely a win-win situation!

According to recent 
CompTIA research about workforce and learning trends, here are the top HR and Talent Management priorities over the next 12 months:

  • Implement new and better approaches to training and professional development
  • Better identify and proactively address employee skills gaps
  • Implement new tools for hiring / screening job candidates
  • Improve processes for managing a blended workforce
  • Become more data driven in areas such as staff satisfaction, performance, etc.
  • Utilize new approaches to improve corporate culture
  • Modernize/upgrade HR management systems

One of 
the many benefits employers offer employees is covering the cost of training. This may not sound like a great benefit, but if you change a mind, you can change the world. By taking advantage of these situations, you can change your world by providing skills that can lead to new, bigger, and better opportunities. These new opportunities may take you from a job to an established career in a field you love. A new career often leads to more pay which affects many aspects of your life.

How to Get Your Boss to Pay for Your IT Certification

According to CompTIA, even though IT Certifications have the potential of bypassing a four-year degree and getting you where you want to go quicker, it can be costly - even though certifications normally cost much less than a four-year degree, it will take a chunk out of your budget.

If you want to be at the top of your tech game, you will need to improve your professional learning sooner rather than later. You can get to the top without breaking the bank by requesting some financial support from your organization.

Of course, you can't just stroll into your manager's office and demand they pay for your education, but on the other hand, if you are too timid or wait for them to ask you, that may not work either. Be direct, professional, and support your argument with facts from research. Show your boss the benefit the training program will have for your current and/or future positions and in turn, the organization as a whole.

Here are some facts to start with in regards to the positive impact that training programs and career development have on employees when the company helps with payment for the training/certifications:

  • 93% of those responding said that having support from their employer helped them develop the skills they needed to grow within their organization
  • 56% of those responding would not pursue additional training if it hadn't been for the support given by their employer

Another study found:

  • Over 50% of IT professional found the quality of their work improved
  • 33% found their work more engaging after being certified
  • 15% made less errors
  • 94%  of decision makers felt those certified provided value above and beyond the cost of the certification

course, all employers will appreciate you finding a way to save on each certification by contacting The Computer Workshop to check on our many different cost-saving opportunities. Also, check with your employer on any Educational Benefit Programs available - The Computer Workshop can accept funds from most programs even if they require college credits!