Industry Highlight: January 2023

Creative Team-Building Techniques

By Becky Anzalone

At The Computer Workshop, we think of ways to train your team outside of the box. We challenge them to work together through fun environments and hands-on activities.

An example of our creativity is from our Influencing Up course that we hosted for one of our clients in Atlanta, GA. Half of the day was spent in the classroom learning how to interact with powerful senior managers and the other half was spent at a local Escape Room! This activity helped reinforce the course topics and let our students practice building partner-like work relationships. Everyone was assigned different personalities, and some were difficult to work with. The goal was met when the whole team escaped the room!

Our own most recent team-building activity was at our latest Christmas party in December. We spent three-fourths of the workday creating goals and new tactics for the new year, then we headed to Capital Axe Throwing for some fun. We split into two groups and then divided into teams and played many different challenging games. We got to cheer each team member on when it was their turn; reminding ourselves that building each other up during our individual tasks helps us all reach the team goal!


More Ideas for Team-Building Activities

  • Scavenger Hunts
    • Good for one team with no time limit for a more relaxing environment.
    • Good for multiple teams to gain that exciting adrenaline rush when needing to work fast and efficiently in a competition.
    • These are great for observing which role team members naturally step into.
  • One-word Exercise
    • See what your team is thinking in one quick exercise.
    • Give them a topic word and ask them to write one word down and post it on the board.
    • Cater your communication to the mood represented on the board.
  • Egg Drop
    • You might remember this one from high school if you took physics.
    • Each team is given materials to build a basket of sorts to protect their egg while being dropped from a high surface.
    • A great exercise for engineers, city planners, and even database teams! Anyone who builds in collaboration with others.
  • Laser Tag
    • Pulling your teams together to survive! No better way to figure out each member’s skill set.
    • This builds relationships and communication within your team.
  • Tournaments or Challenges
    • Host a sports bracket tournament for the office’s most popular sport.
    • Potlucks where the best-voted dish gets a small prize. Have a board (in the office or online) where everyone can post their recipes.
    • TCW’s sales team members each receive themed pictures to fill in. Completing certain tasks allows them to fill in certain squares to finish the picture, creating healthy competition within the team!
    • These can improve the company culture and can foster long-term relationships

Now, we know planning out these activities can be time-consuming. Luckily, The Computer Workshop has a Curriculum Development team that can develop customized courses for your team on topics currently not available. Our classes Thriving in the Hybrid Workplace for Managers and Thriving in the Hybrid Workplace for Employees stemmed from customization. These two classes work best when both are taken within an organization.

The New Year is the best time to plan out where you want the team to be every quarter. The Computer Workshop has helped many companies achieve their training goals and we can’t wait to help you too. Call or email us for more information and easy scheduling.

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