Industry Highlight: May 2022

Consultation is The Diagnosis for Your Training Needs

Robert Henry | May 4th, 2022

Columbus, Ohio - Well over one third (37.3%) of the existing workforce has been on the job since before the IT explosion that has transformed the day-to-day workflow in the United States. In fact, 15% of the workforce is age 60 or older. Let me tell you that I myself am part of this statistic and I find that with age comes a diminished capacity for quickly grasping new techniques. Without formal training in new and improved tools for workflow, non-daily tasks have much slower turn-around as we must employ the old ways or institute the “hunt and peck” method while utilizing the new.

Now, 37.3% is enough of a workforce to find need for budgeted training to ensure a companies workflow requirements for industry competitiveness or mere survival. But, let me tell you that the need for an ongoing employee training initiative extends to a far greater percentage of every workforce. When constructing this article, I began my research finding statistics to support employee training initiatives and found some “eye-opening” information. In fact, of the thirty-nine (39) statistics researched, twenty-nine (29) touched workforce percentages more than the 37.3% in the 50 and older age group. A fair number of the statistical areas in support of a budgeted ongoing employee training program reached greater than seventy-five (75) percent of the workforce with two areas reaching ninety (90) percent and higher.

Other “eye-opening” statistics offered in the research are:
  1. The fact that the employees finding need for and requesting training opportunities come from all areas of the company hierarchy. Both employee and leadership levels are reporting numbers greater than the targeted 37.3 percent.
  2. Employee engagement in their individual tasks. I know from experience that I am much more efficient with proper training in the tools designed to accomplish tasks.
  3. Retention of essential workers grows by 20 percent with training. In fact, it is reported that seventy (70) percent of the American workforce reports they would be somewhat likely to leave their current job in favor of a company that provides employee training.
  4. Simple compliance training. More than one fifth (23%) of organizations have no formal compliance training for their employees which strongly influences the reported nearly fifteen-million-dollar annual cost to cover non-compliance issues. And;
  5. Style of learning. Online as opposed to in-person classroom is trending at eighty to ninety percent preference which in and of itself proves a cost savings to any training program.
As you can see, ongoing budgeted employee training and development programs are an essential element to the success of any organization. In fact, according to, fifty-six (56) percent of Human Resource managers consider training and development essential to business.

The Computer Workshop has been in the business of organizational training and development for over 34 years and has had the virtual “thumb” on all industry advances. With an extensive library of over 1,000 active courses, and more adopted on a regular basis. We have devoted our focus on being there to answer the need of any organization. With experience in training in all the afore-mentioned areas, the team at TCW has also modified our training delivery to include each of the delivery methods requested, such as in-person and virtual classroom with a live instructor and recorded virtual instruction. We’re here to help when you are ready.