Industry Highlights - January 2022

A New Year, A New Opportunity To Set Things Up For Success

Robert Henry | January 4th, 2022

Columbus, Ohio
- This is not an article advocating “New Year Resolutions.” As I believe the creation of new year resolutions is a recipe for disillusion, I encourage you to wake up each day with the understanding that if you want to improve anything, then now is the time and the journey is afoot. I believe more in the use of affirmations than resolutions. You see an Affirmation that envisions the end product so that you can begin mapping out your journey.
Affirmations are stated in an affirming positive tone giving you a picture to create. 
By starting out with a positive picture, everything you plan is affixed toward that end. Though the process, whether resolution or affirmation requires planning and organization, the picture of the positive result acts as a motivator.

If your affirmation is to receive an accolade for the most successful salesperson for the new year, then picture yourself receiving that reward whether it be a plaque or a bonus check. Envision the activity of walking up to your CEO or Manager and taking hold of the acclamation. Then sit back down and begin the journey knowing that a plan for success is in order and an organized approach is the most effective journey.

Planning and organizing is not a new concept, and the advancements of our time and situations only change the methods one might use to carry out the deed.

I found the following from an article written sixteen years ago that discusses this subject:

“As you create your online business you will build up an ever-increasing list of websites, accounts, domain names, affiliates, memberships, etc., etc. You'll often find yourself in a situation where you spend far too much of your time trying to keep on top of managing your daily routine. By being unorganized you can easily lose track of what you were doing, or planning to do, and often you end up wasting half of your day on useless tasks instead of concentrating on what is important...making money and building a successful business!

It doesn't matter if you are a web designer, an internet marketer, a project manager, or whatever. If you don't organize your monthly, weekly, and daily routine then you won't be able to set any goals. If you don't set any goals, then you won't have any focus and you'll just end up becoming frustrated and unproductive. By being organized and setting goals you'll also be able to measure your performance against those goals, thus giving you the opportunity for self-improvement.” (Mark Dale, Enzine Articles, 2006)

If you have noticed yourself caught in this sticky wicket, then don’t let yourself remain on that merry-go-round of time wasted.

With the firmly affixed picture of your affirmation pinned to every aspect, then you have built-in motivation as you step out to complete each task of your journey. Planning out each leg of your journey and organizing each element within. Everything from setting goals for achievement and organizing the required tasks is each enlightened by the vision of your success.

With the advancements of technology, you do not have to work so very hard on the mundane tasks required to the point that the vision tends to dim. The Computer Workshop's team of trainers are so very gifted, that they can teach you how to utilize the systems and processes that you probably already have, but never took the time to learn. The Computer Workshop team is fully certified in all areas of the Microsoft Office Suite. They can, within one week’s time, instruct you in the rudimentary aspects of each of the Office Suite elements so that you could begin putting them into motion planning and organizing your everyday routines’ thus giving you more time and clarity for the journey toward the fulfillment of your plan.

With over one thousand courses in our library of offerings, whatever your “sticky wicket” might be, the team at The Computer Workshop can help you to Set Things Up For Success!

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