Industry Highlights - November 2021

Saving Space: From the Whole Room to the Clouds

By Robert Henry

In a short 44 years, access to the computerized world has moved from nearly inaccessible to nearly totally accessible; from nearly unimaginably large to nearly unimaginably tiny; and from single use function to life-use function.


The race to make all things computer related smaller and more readily available started in the very beginning. From punch boards to punch cards, and from magnetic tape reels to floppy discs, the computer programmers have found their work lives have gotten much easier to move around.

Though the computers themselves were still stationary and gigantic, the ability to utilize and manipulate them grew much more user friendly. When the introduction of the personal computer finally broke down the walls surrounding the mainframes, they were still cumbersome enough to be placed in one spot and you took yourself to the computer to work. The work you produced needed to be saved on media, that too started out as cumbersome but has eventually become “as light as air” (the cloud).


Today, you probably carry your phone everywhere you go, in pocket or purse, is more powerful and functional than the computers upon which my younger brother learned to program. Most of our schools have moved from paper and pencil education to digital and many are providing each student with their own personal laptop computer to utilize throughout their years in school. So, guess what happened to those sign-up sheets we spoke about earlier?

Now, with a vast majority of the world working with computers and knowing the basics, the common workplace has become more and more computer dependent. This dependency and use frequency throughout any organization brings with it the necessity that these individual computers must be able to communicate and function within the organization with fluency and cost effectiveness. This is where your company’s infrastructure reaches critical importance. To borrow a statement from Abbie Rodger of Stone Technology, 26 November 2019, “A well-designed IT infrastructure is dependable, resilient, and efficient, and enables you to focus on what matters to your organization without spending valuable time on IT management and maintenance. It must be tailored to your requirements and designed to have the scalability and flexibility to grow as you grow and support your changing requirements over time.”

The Computer Workshop, Inc. knows full well the importance and function of a company infrastructure and can help you and your organization to operate in a fully functional structure of your own. Our very own IT gurus can help through high quality training courses to infrastructure consulting that will aide your team in every aspect of your IT infrastructure. Just as the computer matures and expands in its uses, all the components that make your infrastructure operate, expand, mature, and update, become more inclusive and connected. This very real aspect of computer operation requires constant update and product and program revision to keep your system safe and in ultimate state of function for better productivity.


TCW’s team of caring and highly qualified professional trainers keep abreast of the whole computer industry and will help your team stay up to date so that your organization operates in the most effective and efficient way possible.