Industry Highlights - October 2021

Industry Highlights

The Next 5 Years: Its All About Videos (the graphics of today)

Do not let the title of this article fool you. The next 5 years is not necessarily a futuristic island. The next 5 years appears to be the tip of the new pendulum swing. The next five years in graphic design, which had its origins as far back as,what scientists say was, 38,000 BCE and now is rooted in computer graphics, may well have been fathered by none other than, Fred Flintstone.

Though the term “graphic design" was coined as recently as 1922, man has been using graphics as a medium for communication since the first hieroglyphics were placed on cave walls. Since that time graphics in communication have undergone elevation, maturation, modification, death, rebirth, and the like with each swing of the proverbial pendulum. 

Graphics have been a standard medium in marketing since the days of the lithograph, the art of inking your design unto stone, metal and eventually paper. This medium required an artist to design the image and to create a pattern that could receive the ink to be transferred. Today, with the use of advanced computer design, part of that human artistic talent has been displaced by the computer. Now the artist manipulates a keyboard or other tools to have the computer carryout the brush stroke of carving with precise accuracy So, the imagery found in the scenery of pictures used in marketing may be computer generated by someone who has never witnessed the beauty of which their design represents. Photoshop a model’s image and, “wa, la”, you have Fred Flintstone driving a convertible S.U.V. into the Sonic to order their version of a rack of ribs. Now I took a rather wide swath with the pendulum of time to simply make a point that innovations occur quite rapidly and the idea of five years until the next rebirth may well be an antiquated notion; but the notion we will use.

The next 5 years promises to be yet another chapter in the life of graphics in communication. This time the version seems to be in video production. More specifically, personal, sporadic videos that personalize a product and its use by “real-life” folks. People seem to want to know, up front, that the product or service they are looking into works and is user friendly. To the tune of 80% of respondents to a recent survey by Epsilon saying they prefer to do business with a company offering personalized experience; and 90 % who find that personalization appealing. These kind of numbers seem to express that simple endorsement is not enough, that people want to see other people using and liking the product or service.  

This type of production can be quite expensive, so, the use of videos, often shot from a smartphone, has become the vision of the next 5 years. But how can a business keep up with marketing in this fashion and make sure that you are not simply advertising your brand but also representing your audience. 

Location and talent costs along with sets and props leave many in the weeds. The Computer Workshop understands well the small business community and the costs involved in competing in today’s market. Therefore, we have done our homework and found that there are answers in the world of technology. We can teach you how to use your computer for web and marketing graphic design combined with video production to place your product or service in line with the major competition and all their campaign monies and production connections.

One of the more economical ways to enhance your videos with scenery that wows, is with the use of a green screen. Green screens are used as backdrops in chroma key photography, which is a process that replaces a solid-colored background from behind the subject of a photo (or video) with a new background. Green screens are used for both professional (television weather reports) and amateur (virtual meetings) production. This application gives you the ability to present your product or service with varied background information without the requirement of expensive location shoots. 

The Computer Workshop has created a green screen studio in which we can train you to produce personal videos that will give your marketing efforts that extra pizzazz needed to catch and hold your audience so that your product or service is on a level playing field with your competition.

Never forget, however, that whenever you are using a computer or posting your information on the internet it is vital that you protect yourself and your information by using security protocols. That is why a collaborative effort between government and industry named October as Cybersecurity Awareness month to ensure every American has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online. IT security information is on a life cycle of consistent modification. As long as there are those who would seek new ways to do harm, there will be those who create new tools to keep them at bay. Your information safety is one of The Computer Workshop team’s top priorities. The Computer Workshop Team continues to research and prepare to provide our clients with the most up-to-date IT security protocol. We believe, as we feel that you believe, that your information is yours and should not be violated by hackers or plagiarized by the competition. Therefore, not only can you learn to create a marketing scheme that will enhance your product or service recognition, but you can also learn how to keep your information safe. Graphics use in communication may be thousands of generations old, but it is also as fresh as a newborn and relies on you to nurture and protect it for the betterment of all concerned. The Computer Workshop team is here to help.