Industry Highlights - September 2021

Industry Highlights

Why An Investment In Training Will Pay Dividends Post Pandemic

The pandemic of 2020 coupled with the variant of 2021 has thrown the corporate world against the proverbial ropes. However, this crisis does not eliminate the need to live and to prosper. Therefore, the corporate world needs to look to the playbook of Casius Clay “Mohamad Ali”: a little “Rope-a-Dope” is called for.

Instead of allowing the pandemic to brutalize you against the ropes of life, a change of tactics is in order. The companies, organizations, and/or persons that will come from the “wore-torn” debris of the past two years will be those flexible and visionary groups who 
can see that they need to be different in their approach and, therefore help their workforce prepare for those differences.

The company,
Degreed, helped to show this need by researching affected jobs and the skills necessary to complete those jobs around the globe. Then they asked the vital questions centered around the type of skills necessary to emerge from this to a thriving, functioning, growing entity on the other side. The vast majority of those skills rest in the technology and programming sector. The ability to function with basic computer fluency will be crucial. The truth here is that the ability to turn on a computer and make a couple of programs work for you does not equate to digital fluency. The average worker is going to need much more understanding to function to the degree that the company can operate smoothly, efficiently, and profitably.

It matters not the industry to which your company focuses, be it Financial Services, Technology and Telecommunications, Retail, Manufacturing, Business Services, or Health Care this pandemic has affected because each works with and for people. Therefore, an innovative approach is in order.

The forecasted top ten skills in demand this year are all skills that can be trained and implemented within days or weeks depending on an individuals’ experience. In each of the ten are areas the team at The Computer Workshop are adept at transferring unto our clients via skilled, proven, and caring adult learning exercises. The type of training government agencies, corporations large and small, and individuals have been utilizing for over three decades. With the workforce needing to find new ways to address the task at hand, the very dynamics of every position has been altered and everyone needs to learn how to navigate through and emerge focused and effective.

Even if your industry cannot be operated via ‘at home workforce’, the way you approach the tasks at hand need to evolve to incorporate the intricate portions of the business that does use technology, and to learn how to work with customers who are more directly affected and influenced. The statistics from the research are somewhat alarming as to the low percentage of follow-through of most of the implemented technology focused protocols already in place such as Human Resource records keeping from internal talent profiles to periodic reviews, job descriptions, and worker profiles. Might an influx of technological skill sets eliminate most of these lapses?

Remember, the impact of the pandemic has a far-reaching impact on a skilled workforce. The need for strengthened, refreshed, and new skills will not only open-up broader markets, but they will help the current workforce to navigate within the organization and fight more clearly and efficiently the stresses and vulnerabilities brought on by the changes ahead.

The Computer Workshop is a full-service Professional Development and Technology training company that works extremely hard to take the stress out of your training needs and provide your team with the skills necessary to help your company put this pandemic “to the mat, for the count.” Let us help you to work through and prepare to continue operating a highly skilled, efficient, and profitable business in whatever future emerges on the horizon.