Industry Leader Spotlight - June 2021

T-Cetra is a leading financial technology enabler that converts cash payments into secure, auditable, cashless transactions at over 10,000 retail locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico tha
t primarily serve cash preferred customers.

"Our payment solutions bridge the digital divide for these underserved communities and are used by Fortune 500 companies in several sectors, connecting them to the 84.8 million underbanked individuals in the U.S.


Technology is constantly evolving. It’s not just about identifying which technologies are most helpful, it’s about staying on top of the changing landscape. We are thrilled to have TCW on our side to help us accomplish this. TCW has helped our whole team acquire the tech skills needed to excel at their jobs.


We founded the company with a laser focus on our employees and our customers. We believe that if those 2 groups are taken care of, we are on our way to success. Our partnership with TCW facilitates this focus--they help our employees do their jobs better, which in turn, benefits our customers.


We are an established leader in the financial technology space and we know how critical it is to keep our solutions secure. We provide B2B solutions to our customers to help them work smarter and better serve their customers all while constantly innovating but never compromising our core promise of being secure. Any technology that can check those boxes will be extremely impactful in the future for our business.”