Freedom - Redefined with the COVID Pandemic

Freedom - Redefined with the COVID Pandemic

Life B.C.
(before COVID) & Life P.C. (post COVID)  

Just as the initials B.C. (before COVID) have taken on yet another definition for our lives, so does its result.  Though we appear to be recognizing an emergence of life from the midst of the pandemic, we still look forward to life in the P.C. (post COVID).  What we are learning is that much like the years of summer vacations when students return to school and there has been a noticeable loss of retention from Spring, with a full year plus away from the routine life and daily grind of work, we recognize a significant "rustiness" in professional skillset.


This is where The Computer Workshop enters the picture.  Remember, that just like B.C., P.C.  has a definition other than Post COVID.  Personal Computer, Professional Computing, Personal (and professional) Communication, and Professional Compliance, all come to mind.  Whether the purpose is to knock off the rust brought on by the past year or so, or whether the purpose is to enhance your skillset to embark on a new career, Professional Development has proven to be an integral part of happiness and success at any job.  Professional Development includes courses in a wide variety of areas that are essential in most professions.  Business writing, project management, leadership and supervisory skills, customer service and communication are all utilized in some degree and the  necessary skillsets, which have more than likely become rusty, impact your life in an array of affect.  The Computer Workshop has highly qualified and gifted instructors in each of these areas providing courses designed to polish your skills or build these skills anew. 

So, you may be asking, “How does this apply to me?” Let us briefly discuss the afore mentioned areas so that you can decide for yourself.

Business writing
is a skill set that can enhance anyone in any profession or any position in life. From the domestic engineer to the corporate administrative assistant, from the high school senior preparing to step out in the life direction of choice to the entrenched adult looking to “spread their wings” and maybe venture into a new career, the ability to write clearly and concisely can be the simple difference that catches the eye of the person who will choose between you and the next candidate for the position you desire. Additionally, have you ever heard the words of a loved one shared at a life celebration service or read a book or memoir and said to yourself, “I have stories to tell!” or “Oh, I wish I could write like that!” A Business Writing course can do so much more than simply teach you to write clearly, concisely, and purposefully, it can unlock latent skills you did not even realize you had.

Project management
is also a skill set utilized every day and some do it without even knowing. Running a household is a constant program of project management. Dealing with the scope of all that needs to be accomplished, the time and timeliness for the completion of the task at hand and deciding upon and keeping within the budget allotted is a constant aspect of the domestic engineer’s workday. Therefore, if you are looking to embark on a new career and you have been juggling the responsibilities of a project manager all your life anyway, why not take a few courses, learn the jargon, and build professional skill set to enter a position you are already good at? If you are already in the field, you understand the multiplicity of the job and how the rusty skillsets need to be well oiled or retooled constantly. The Computer Workshop is well known for providing courses for the fine-tuning of these skills and has a PMI and Scrum Certified instructor on staff who is featured in this month’s Employee Spotlight! Log in to our YouTube channel if you want to meet Jeffrey DeRamus!

Leadership and supervisory skills are other areas that are vital across all of life’s endeavor. You have probably heard the old aside, “There are too many Chiefs in the kitchen”, well though that may well happen on occasion, the real reason for the statement is that those trying to be chief in the group tend to lack the leadership skills and do not realize they are missing. Part of being a good chief (leader) is knowing the gifts and personalities of those in the group and how to affectively harness. Obviously then, supervisory and leadership skills are good for everyone to develop and polish.

Finally, have you ever walked out of an establishment disturbed by the way you were treated by the staff within? Customer Service and Communication are skill sets that must constantly be updated. Many aspects in life trickle into our routines and effect the way we conduct ourselves in the face of happenstance. Everybody runs into a time or situation when two lives clash amid happenstance that alters the way we present ourselves and the incident from which you find yourself shaking your head may well have stemmed from one of these moments. Learning and renewing the skills of communication and customer service can help you to navigate through the incident no matter which side of the equation you find yourself. Specific courses provided by The Computer Workshop are designed to home in on these skills and help anyone to handle the situations whether they are staff or client.

Bottom line - use this 
time to prepare for P. C. and contact The Computer Workshop, Inc. (call 614-798-9505 or go to to sign up for one of our many Professional Development (Soft-Skill) classes.