TCW History - July 2021

TCW History 



This month we are talking about Professional Development skills (Soft-Skills) such as Project Management, Leadership, and Change Management.  The Computer Workshop was one of the first IT training companies to offer "soft-skill" classes in addition to Computer and IT courses. 

Our first classes were the Certified Business Professional (CBP) classes and although you can still take those today, we have continually added to the subjects offered.  Since COVID, we are finding the need for classes such as Change Management, The Hybrid Workplace, Managing Remote Employees, and Influencing Up.  Of course, the Project Management, Business Analysis, and Certified Scrum are all still important "staples" to have for our clients, but I think you will see some updates to many of these courses to incorporate the "Hybrid Workforce".

If you want the latest in Professional Development, Computer and IT courses, call the company who offers all of them and who will go the extra mile to find resources for courses we don't currently have on our schedule!  Call 800-639-3535 and notice the difference.