Team Member Spotlight: August 2022

From Student to Instructor

Andy's Education Journey

I’m Andy Daley, an Instructor at The Computer Workshop. My training journey may be like what you are going through so I was tasked to share it! A few years ago, I was working at Abercrombie and Fitch in their warehouse in New Albany. It was a physical job, and I was working long hours. This led to a lot of self-reflection about where I wanted to be further down the road. I ended up bouncing around a few jobs and between all of that, ultimately getting my degree in Computer Science. From there, I worked as a FedEx driver while I pushed many resumes out to different jobs in the technical field.

Some time passed, and I wasn’t really finding a job that “spoke” to me and encompassed all that I was looking for. I heard from family that there may be an opening here at The Computer Workshop and loved the idea of being able to teach, continue to expand my own knowledge, and work on projects as time opened. This was a job that gave me the values and tools I knew I wanted. Since then, I have focused heavily on building up my comfortability with a wide variety of tools (Tableau, Microsoft Office products, and a variety of programming languages with AWS on the horizon) with the hopes of tackling more projects around the company as they open up and are in my wheelhouse. This career allows me to grow my skills further, which I find most valuable.

Outside of work, I have a few hobbies; I try very hard to take care of my body, so I’m active as much as possible. I have two dogs: Moose and Dozer (both a Great Dane mix and over 100lbs). I love gaming and make sure to set aside some time for that throughout the week whenever I can when I’m not taking care of the dogs. I also love to cook, so I’m always smoking meats or cooking up something in the kitchen to test my abilities. I’ve found my perfect work-life balance because The Computer Workshop does C.A.R.E. about their clients and employees. I’m very thankful!