Time to Party and Celebrate YOU!

Join Us in Appreciating YOU, at our Summer Party!

This month, we focus on the "A" in our C.A.R.E. for our students and clients, so it's time to party! We are having a Summer Party on Wednesday, June 29th from 3:30-6:30 pm to show you our appreciation. Join us for Breakout Sessions covering topics in Cybersecurity, Web Development, Data Modeling, and Storytelling with Graphs. We're also going to have our green room open for you to create short video content for yourself, plus, we'll help with editing! Don't miss out on the fun of food, prizes, and networking!

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Good Data Modeling VS Bad Data Modeling (and why it's important) with Ira at 3:45 pm

When your data is ready to be transformed into useable information, where do you start? To create a working database that creates valuable results, you would plan it out with Data Modeling. Otherwise, your results may be unclear or worse, useless. Learn the benefits, dos, and don'ts of starting your next project! Including what programming software (like Tableau or Python) is best for you!

Ira Harper

I teach database building classes plus front-end web development and C# classes at The Computer Workshop. Hailing from a communications background, I took my career a step further when I dove into data analysis programming. Since then, I've become a full-stack developer with a bunch of languages under my belt that allows me to be a true data architect/modeler. Many of the subjects I teach are situation-specific; I want my students to walk away with the skills needed to find answers and solutions within the everyday situations they encounter.

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Which CyberSecurity Certification is for YOU? with Matthew at 4:15 pm

IT Certifications have the potential of bypassing a four-year degree and if you want to be at the top of your tech game, you will need to improve your professional learning sooner rather than later. With certifications, over 50% of IT professionals found the quality of their work improved and 94% of decision-makers felt those certified provided value above and beyond the cost of the certification. Let's jumpstart your career today! 

Matthew Fuerst

I've been a certified instructor for about 25 years and thoroughly enjoy every minute. At The Computer Workshop, I'm a Sr. Technical Trainer and teach anything from:

  • Microsoft Certifications

  • CompTIA Security+ and A+

  • EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

  • Plus, many more!

I enjoy helping clients advance their careers and stay up-to-date on the latest tech. Technology is always changing and it is vital that our security professionals change with it.

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Where to begin with Web Development with Andy at 4:45 pm

You may be a little familiar with the basic web development languages: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. But, do you fully understand the roles they play together on a website? Discover what's going on behind the scenes of your Content Management System and create the professional-level websites you've been dreaming of.

Andy Daley

I'm a gamer turned web developer and programmer! I was a student for a long time before I was able to become an expert instructor for TCW in Microsoft Apps and web development languages. JavaScript, HTML, Java, CSS, and C# are all languages within my wheelhouse. I'm proud to be the one in the front of the classroom training my students in the programs and software they need to work better and smarter. I hope to add more languages and complex systems to my class list very soon and am excited to grow more with The Computer Workshop.

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Ditch the Pie Chart?! Using the Right Graph for Your Data Story with Jeffrey at 5:15 pm

Everyone loves a good pie. We all make them, and they seem to be the answer to understanding data quickly. Right? … RIGHT?!

One of the first and most grave mistakes we make when telling a data story is choosing inadequate or unsuitable graphs to display the data. Thus, we must come to know our potential partners and become empowered to choose the right one for the right story. Pie: your days are numbered.

Jeffrey DeRamus

As a certified Scrum Master and Project Manager, I have shaped Fortune 100 organizations, state and federal agencies, as well as small and medium businesses for nearly twenty years across the following focuses:

  • Strategic Vision-Mission alignment

  • Measurable goal setting and tracking

  • Sustainable Organizational Change and Transformation

I seek to empower all members of an organization through data-driven decision-making built on the foundation: “remember the human.”

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Guest Speakers!

Tackling The Talent Shortage Problem with Nilanjan Raychaudhuri from Tublian at 5:30 pm

Hiring software developers is the biggest challenge of 2022. The demand for software developers is expected to grow by 22%. If you are a large technology or product company, you are probably throwing a lot of money at this problem to hire engineers. Whereas small to medium-sized companies are having a hard time attracting talent or filling up the open positions.

We all are using the same traditional approach to finding talent. In this presentation, I propose a data-driven approach to hiring where we look at skills and relevant experience vs. degrees and years of experience. This new approach will give you an edge and access to talent that hardly anyone is paying attention to but should.

Nilanjan Raychaudhuri

Nilanjan started his company Tublian after seeing the disconnect between hiring managers and software developers. Tublian is a way for developers to build street cred and get noticed for the unique talents they possess. Nilanjan has been a software developer himself for almost 20 years and has seen the industry change and grow.

"Eighty-five percent of HR professionals and recruiters say that an employee's street cred influences their hiring decisions. Seventy percent of employers use social networking sites to research candidates. The great thing about street cred is that anyone can build it, unlock opportunities for them and build a fantastic career."

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Al Use Case Development with Nick Woo and Rehgan Avon from Ikonos AlignAI at 5:45 pm

Learn best practices in identifying, prioritizing, and managing valuable Data & Al use-cases. Data, Analytics & Al are core capabilities in modern business to align teams and provide a competitive edge, yet many leaders struggle to properly translate their vision into action and prioritize analytics within their organization. This workshop is for individuals looking to scale their analytics functions while focusing their finite resources on impactful projects.

This Workshop Addresses:

  • Alignment Around Vision - How do you highlight the strategic relevance of data in the day-to-day operations?

  • Consensus from Management Teams - How do you help teams understand the problem and measures for success when implementing a solution?

  • Operationalizing the Vision - How do you measure and manage the ongoing impact of an analytics solution?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand and utilize a compass framework to translate the corporate-level vision into an operational plan.

  • Leverage metrics to show why projects are prioritized in line with the strategy.

  • Measure and monitor the performance of Analytics & Al to goals.

  • Govern people and processes to effectively scale analytics & Al capabilities.

Nick Woo

Nick is the Solutions Director at Ikonos AlignAI and an experienced engineer with a passion for data analytics. He has a spectrum of experience working in the aerospace, automotive, non-profit, food and insurance industries. Nick is also skilled in facilitating learning experiences, data analytics, lean six sigma, continuous improvement, transformation management, business process outsourcing and automation.

Rehgan Avon

Rehgan is the Co-founder & CEO at Ikonos AlignAI and is passionate about building analytical technology and communities. She started her company with her co-founder because they saw a gap in the way analytics solutions were being built. Her background consists of data analytics, product management, and solutions architecture, while also being an advisor and instructor at times. 

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Wednesday, June 29th from 3:30-6:30 pm