Who is TCW?

A year ago, did you know that this would be our world today?

Did you know how to find and leverage the best possible tools to not only exist, but thrive in that world? Staying ahead of the competition and keeping pace with modern technology has never been more paramount. Yet, that age old question stares us down, “How am I going to pay for all the training my team needs to succeed?” Worse yet, “Even if I have the budget, how do I find the best partner to help at a reasonable price?”

That’s why The Computer Workshop (TCW) is chosen time and again as that partner.

National and international companies have asked the exact question you are asking now. They have faced these same questions with confidence, knowing that TCW would be there to help. We are YOUR partner and an extension to your organization.

For over 30 years, our family owned and WBENC certified business has guided countless businesses through grueling technological upgrades and organizational change with flexible and custom-tailored training. Our staff and our instructors are committed to delivering impactful, hands-on learning experiences that have proven time and again any team, including yours, can rise to the challenge and get the work done in ways you may have never thought possible.

The Computer Workshop deeply believes that the best way to learn is through instructor lead experiences. This allows students to directly connect with the experts in ways pre-recorded instruction simply cannot provide. These personalized online and in-person classes save your team time, save your department money, and produce long lasting results. Groups of five or more is all it takes to get started.

The Computer Workshop offers over 1,000 courses in Data Analytics, emerging technologies, end-user products, as well as a whole array of humanity-focused business courses (formerly known as “soft skills”) just to name few. All of these classes come with a FREE Public Course retake within one year of course completion in addition to unlimited instructor based After Class support.

Take the pressure off your team; the tools you need are right here. Moreover, through our partnership with Ohio Christian University, these classes do so much more than hone skills and align organizational goals to measurable outcomes: they can satisfy certification and higher education learning credits as well.

Your team needs you. It’s time.

Our family is ready to help.